Innovation and Sustainability of Modern Railway

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  • Author: Lei Xiaoyan;
  • Language: English
  • Format: 26.6 x 18.6 x 4.6 cm
  • Page: 834
  • Publication Date: 10/2016
  • ISBN: 9787030501530
  • Publisher: Science Press
The Third International Symposium on Innovation and Sustainability of Modern Railway is hosted by East China Jiaotong University,Irkutsk State Transport University,and Petersburg State Transport University.We are grateful for the sponsorships of Irkutsk State Transport University,St Petersburg State Transport University,Beijing Jiaotong University,Na—tional Nature Science Foundation of China,Jiangxi Association for Science and Technology,and the Department of Science and Technology of Jiangxi Province.We would also like to expressspecial thanks for China Railway Society,the Educational Department of Jiangxi Province,theEngineering Research Center of Railway Environment Vibration and Noise,and the Key Labora—tory of Conveyance and Equipment.Ministry of Education.<br/>
Table of Contents
Part Ⅰ Railway Environment and Safety
Analysis on Environment and Building Vibration due to Subway Railway Traffic LUO Kun, LEI Xiaoyan 3
Analysis on the Vibration Characteristics of the Elevated Box Girders in Urban Mass Transit
by Numerical and Experimental Methods FANG Jian, LEI Xiaoyan, LIAN Songliang 8
Research on Continuous Measurement Method for Vertical Wheel—rail Force HUANG Hui, LEI Xiaoyan, LIU Qingjie, SUN Maotang 16
Analysis of Nanchang West Railway Station Integrated Transport Hub Ambient Vibration
LIU Bing, LEI Xiaoyan,HUANG Hui 21
Beam—plate Model and Algorithm on Elastic Foundation for Vehicle and Track Coupling
System CHEN Longchuan, LEI Xiaoyan 29
Application of Wavelet Transform in Processing Wheel—Rail Force with Labview LAI Jianfei, LEI Xiaoyan, LIU Qingjie 35
Influence Analysis of the Environmental Vibration Induced by Subways Based on Orthogonal
Experiments XIONG Chaohua, LEI Xiaoyan 43
Prediction of Wheel—rail Noise for Elevated Rail Transit ZENG Qin’e, LEI Xiaoyan 49
Real—time Monitoring System for Rail Temperature of CWR Based on LabVIEW
SUN Maotang, LEI Xiaoyan, LIU Qingjie 57
Corporation: budget and tax aspects V.A.Bubnov,G.A.Khomenko 63
Part Ⅱ Railway Engineering
Study of Strength and Swell—shrink Deformation Characteristic for Red Clay under Dry and Wet Cycles CHEN Kaisheng, DENG Shuang 67
Key Technologies of China High—Speed Railway SHAO Xiaofeng, LI Yuhua, DING Yangxi, JIANG Heqi 74
Research on Negative Sequence Control Measures of Electric Railway LI Jin, WU Tao 81
Finite Element Analysis of the Contact State on the Helical Spring'S Supporting Ring and
Active Ring of New Type Freight Car YANG Chunhui 88
The Summary of the Railway Tapered Rolling Bearing Failure Analysis and the Fatigue Life Model YOU Yongzhong 91
Research on Fault Feature Extraction of Locomotive Based on Wavelet and Fractal Theory HU Wenwen 95
Modeling of Track Irregularity Development Prediction Based on the Grey System Theory LUO Wei 99
Study of Case—based Reasoning Emergency Rescue of Urban Rail Transit YE Chunhua, LUO Shimin 105
Research Review on Wheelset Polygonization of High—speed Train FANG Jiao, DING Jie, DING Yangxi, XIAO Qian 110
Coupler Force Analysis of 20000t Heavy Haul Combined Train Based on Circular—Variable Calculation Method JIANG Yiping, CHI Maoru 117
Review of Research on Spatial Coupling Vibration of High—speed Train Wheel—rail in Rolling Contact Mode XIAO Qian, ZHENG Jifeng, YANG Yihang, CHANG Chao 122
Design of Integrated Control System for Brake Valve Maintenance Production Line Based on EPA LUO Shimin 129
Research of Rail Profile Based On Wear Area of Section WANG Shaofeng, CHENG Shan, LIU Linya, LIU Haitao 134
Human Action Recognition Based on the Railway Station Intelligent Surveillance
TU Hongbin, YUE Yanyan 141
Study on Temperature Gradient of Long Sleeper Buried Ballastless Track in Rainy Weather
GUO Yunqi , LI Zaiwei , LU Hongyao, HE Yuelei 146
Research on the Effects of Urban Rail Transit on the Value of Residence Along——A Ease
Study on the Line 1 of Nanchang QIU Hui, YI Xin, SHEN Shouyun 153
Study on Cooperation Performance Evaluation of Public—private—partnership Mode Rail TransitProject in View of Knowledge Transfer YI Xin, XIE Qionghao, JIANG Tao, ZHAO Meiling 158
Track Stiffness Distribution Characteristics at Subgrade—Bridge Transition Section in Existing Railway and Dynamic Analysis ZHAO Xiushao, ZHUANG Jinbin, DIAO Xinhong, ZHANG bin 165
Whole Process Analysis of Corrugated Steel Web Small Box Girder Using Incremental
Launching Construction REN Liang, XU Jing, LI Baidian, WANG Kai 170
Track Irregularity Diagnosis Based on Hilbert—Huang Transform LIU Linya, WANG Wenda, LI Jiyang 176
2.5 D FEM—BEM model for the analysis of the interaction between tunnel and soil
FENG Qingsong, LIU Shiyue,WANG Wei,LEI Xiaoyan 180
Prediction of Structure Noise of Box Beam Based on the Finite Element – Boundary Element
Method and the Assessment of Impacts on the Environment ZHANG Yan 185
Research on Environmental Vibration Induced by Screw Press LI Jiyang, LIU Linya, ZHANG Qile 191
Research on Characters of Retaining Structures for Riverside Deep Foundation Pit Excavation under Dynamic Load GENG Daxin, YU Xiaoqiang, TONG Lihong, QIAN Wenxi 196
Prediction of Tunnel’s Failure Modes Based on the GA—BP DIAO Xinhong, HU Shugen, MAO xiaobo, ZHAO Xiushao 204
The Vehicle—bridge Dynamic Behavior of a Thin—walled Trough Girder Bridge for Urban Rail Transit WU Liangqin, WU Dingjun 208
Reliability Analysis of Tunnel Surrounding Rock Based on Upper Bound Limit Analysis Method LUO Wei, ZENG Runzhong, CUI Xiabing 215
Analysis on the Safety of Frame Bridge Underneath Pass Railway ZHENG Mingxin, HU Guoping, ZHANG Hanqiu, XIA Yiming 222
A Study on the Paperless Railway Ticket LI Weihong, LI Xiang 227
Cause Analysis and Countermeasures of Brake Valve Fault of Railway Passenger Car LU Yujun 231
Investigation on Rolling Contact Wear and Damage Behaviors of High—speed Wheel/Rail Materials by Laser Cladding Treatment DING Yangxi, SHAO Xiaofeng, JIANG Heqi 234
Interaction Dynamics of VBI and SSI for HSR Lines on Soft Ground Area YAU J D, LIU L Y 240
Indirect Damage Detection of Bridges from the Response of a Moving Sprung Mass Unit
Using Genetic Algorithm WANG Yingjie, MAO Yunxiao, YAU Jongdar, SHI Jin 245
The Deformation of Deep Foundation Structure with Curved Ground Wall WANG Hailong, YU Xiaoqiang, TONG Lihong 252
Unilateral Constraints in Vibrating Technological Processes: Mathematical Models, Features of Interaction of Elements A.V.Eliseev, A.I.Artyunin, N.P.Sigachev, I.S.Sitov 260
Megaproject of Constructive Integrity Control of Severo—Muisk Railway Tunnel as a Result of Severe Earthquake Motion Andrey KHOMENKO, ь Yuri KASHTANOV., Anatoly PIHALOV, Sergei KARGAPOLTSEV., Andrei NEZHIVLYAK 270
Technologies to Ensure the Safety of Trains to Snowfalls
E.A.Kolisnichenko, U.A.Khodirev 276
The Use of Foam Glass for Regulating the Thermal Regime of Soils Yakov Klochkov, Evgenii Nepomnyaschih, Vladimir Linejcev, Konstantin Kirpichnikov 279
Methodology and Modern Technologies of Polymer Additives Application for Soil Stabilisation in Road Construction Evgeniy Yarilov, Nataliya Konovalova, Olga Dabizha, Pavel Pankov 282
Part Ⅲ Electrified Railway
Research on Intelligent Transportation System Based on Cloud Computing LIAO Huichuan 287
Improved PF Algorithm in the Train Integrated Positioning System WANG Gengsheng 292
Research on Video Image Restoration Method of Complex Traffic Scenes Based on
Compressed Sensing LUO Hui , WANG Peidong , WANG Wei 296
Research on Multiplexing Transmission Methodology of High—speed Railway Mobile Communication System Based on Scalable Modulation ZHANG Qingmiao, WANG Bin 301
The Contact Force Analysis of Locomotive Helical Gear Based on ANSYS TANG Zhaoping, HU Yutao, TANG Shuai 307
Risk Assessment Model and Application of High—speed Railway Lines Based on Improved Fuzzy Analytic Hierarchy Process SUN Jianping, GENG Biao, TANG Zhaoping, LIU Huan 311
Improvement of Hydraulic System of Railway Wagon Adjusting—beam Machine CHEN Wenfang 317
Study on Computer Disresonating and Monitoring System of Resonance Over—voltages QIU Wanying 320
The Analysis of High—speed Railway in Promoting Regional Economic Development ZHONG Weijia 324
Defect Detection of Catenary Insulator Based on Pixel Gray Statistical Curve ZHANG Duo 327
The Numerical Simulation Research on Bearing Capacity of Cement—soil Compaction Pile Composite Foundation Based on Compaction Force MO Linli, ZHENG Wei, ZHUANG Jinbin, ZHAO Xiushao 332
Fuzzy Comprehensive Evaluation of Railway Freight Transportation Service Quality Based on AHP XIAO Meihua, MEI Yingtian, LI Wei 337
Study on the Harm of Thunder Intrusion on the Traction Substation WANG Xun, XIAO Zikang,CHENG Hongbo,WU Wenhui 344
The Topology of Voltage—fourfold Resonant Push—pull DC—DC Converter YUAN Yisheng, CHEN Jin , TIAN Jiyun 350
Modeling and Simulation of Traction Power Supply System of High—speed Railway LIU Shibing, YANG Ying, YUAN Lin 357
Study on Digital Transmission in Marshalling Yard Doppler Radar Speed Measurement ZHANG Yongxian, WU Wenjie, ZOU Libang 361
Robust Optimization Model of Passenger Train Working Diagram on DPL Considering Uncertain Passenger Flow SUN Huijuan, CAI Zhongqi, JIANG Lei 367
A Novel Harmonic Suppression Strategy for Electrified Railway MMC—RPC SONG Pinggang , ZHOU Zhenbang , DONG Hui 372
A Novel Optimization Algorithm of Capacitor Voltage Balancing Control for MMC in Traction Power Supply System ZHAO Li, DONG Hui, ZHOU Zhenbang, SONG Pinggang 380
Research on Detection Methods of Harmonic and Reactive Current for Electrified Railway XU Xiangzheng , WU Baihong 386
The Clustering Routing Protocol about Mobile Nodes of WSN for Disaster Hedging GAO Yanfang, ZHAO Zuopeng , LI Xiaobo 393
Lightning Protection Technology for High Voltage Transmission Line WANG Jian 401
Development of Electric Vehicle Converter YUAN Yisheng, ZHOU Pan, CAO Hui 405
Study on Rail Potential of the High Speed Railway Viaduct CHENG Hongbo, LI Yibo, WANG Xun, ZHANG Xuesong, LUN Li 412
Traction Motor Direct Torque Controller Based on Sliding Mode Controller ZHANG Yonggao, XIONG Jian 417
A Novel Current Source Micro—inverter for Gird—connected Photovoltaic System ZHANG Yonggao, ZONG Nan,GAO Shaoyun 424
Research and Design of Weight Equilibrium Calculation System for Metro Vehicles YANG Fengping, WANG Jin, ZUO Juncheng, BAO Bingdong 431
Application of Improved Optical—flow Method in Intelligent Passengers Flow Statistics on Bus HE Yangming, DU Jianqiang 436
Part Ⅳ Vehicle Engineering
Parameters Optimization and Energy—saving of Highway Tunnel Central Lamp Distribution with LED YANG Chao , CHENG Cui , XIAO Yu , XU Yihang 443
Effect of Ultrasonic Vibration Time on Assisted Casting Al—Si—Fe Ternary Alloy ZHAO Longzhi, CAI Xin, LI Yang, ZHANG Jian 449
Design Structure Matrix—based Hierarchical Decomposition and Planning of the Trolley for Bridge Crane CHENG Xianfu , GAO Dongshan , LUO Junyi , ZHOU Ermin 455
Effect of Ultrasonic Impact on the Surface Microstructure and Hardness of MB8 Magnesium Alloy Welded Joint ZHANG Zhisen, YU Yingxia, HE Bolin, LI Li, WEI Kang 461
Surface Grain Refinement Mechanism of SMA490
BW Welded Joint Used for High Speed Train Bogie by Ultrasonic Impact Treatment XIONG Lei, HE Bolin, LV Zongmin, JIANG Mingming , LI Li 466
Analytic Calculation and Finite Element Analysis for Ultrasonic Fatigue Plate Specimen of MB8 Deformed Magnesium Alloy DENG Haipeng, HE Bolin, LI Li, MAN Hua, CHEN Zhaoxia 471
Modeling and Simulation of Digital Manufacturing System Based on DELMIA/QUEST ZHOU Ermin, ZHU Jin, LIU Qiuhong, LI Xue, DENG Ling 476
Pressure—sinkage Parameter Estimation Using Composite Simpson Method XUE Long, LIANG GaoFeng, CHENG XianFu, WAN Chong, ZHANG LianQiang 482
Research on Sound Insulation Property of the High—speed EMU Floor Structure SONG Jingwei, CHEN Biao, LIAO Piao, GAO Pan 486
Experimental Analysis of the Vibration Response of MRF Sandwich Beam under Small Localized Magnetic Fields HU Guoliang, JIANG Min, GONG Meihui 491
Numerical Analysis of Temperature Fields and Thermal Stress Fields for the Novel Planar
Potentiometric Automobile Oxygen Sensor REN Jiwen, CAI Fubing 496
Pricing and Coordination Decision to Dual—Channel CRH Express Supply Chain XIONG Jiaqi, ZHANG Cheng 501
Effect of Welding Procedure on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of Al—alloy Welding Joint for High—speed Train MAN Hua, LIU Yin, CHEN Zhaoxia, LI Li, ZHANG Xin 506
Research on the Principle and Method of Laser Three—Dimension Detection of Track Tread HUANG Zhigang, GONG Yanping, XIE Xin 510
Derivation of Wheel/Rail Creepages Based on Finite Element Model of Wheel/Rail Rolling Contact ZHANG Hai,LIN Fengtao,XIAO Qian,HU Xiaoyi 516
Role of Samarium Addition on the Superelastic Response of Fe—Ni—Al—Ta Shape Memory Alloys
CHEN Zhaoxia, HE Yangming 520
Effect of Scanning Speed on Microstructure and Wear Resisture of Laser Cladding Ni—based SiC Alloy Coating ZHANG Jian, WANG Zhen, ZHAO Longzhi, LIU Dejia, ZHAO Mingjuan 524
Dynamic Rigidity of Oscillatory System and Its Relation with Features of Self—organization of the Movement of Elements Kaimov E.V., Nguyen D.H., Vuong Q.T., Kovyrshin S.V.530
Algorithmic Base for Prognosis the Rail Residual Resource of the Lateral Wear of Rail Kargapoltcev Sergey, Davaadorge Batbaatar 539
Investigation or the Sorption Process of Heave Metal Ions by Modified Zeolites RUSH Elena, OBUZDINA Marina, SHALUNC Liana 543
Mechanical Chains in Structural Schemes of Vibroprotection Systems: Identification Methodic of Dynamical Responses A.P.Khomenko, S.V.Eliseev, R.S.Bolshakov 549
Impedance as Some Form for Estimation Dynamical Properties of Mechanical Oscillation
Systems in Structural Mathematical Analysis S.V.Belokobilskij, V.B.Kashuba, Yu.V.Ermoshenko 556
A Mathematical Model of Formation of Residual Deformations in the Parts Kargapoltsev S.K.564
Limitation of Rolling Stock due to Possible Formations of Surface Defects of Wheel and Rail Riding on Mountain Terrain Ermolenko I.Yu., Zheleznyak V.N., Kovenkin D.A., Voronova Yu.V.572
A New Effect in Nonlinear Mechanics Artyunin A.I., Eliseev S.V.577
Part Ⅴ Transportation Planning and Operation
OD—Matrix Estimation for Passenger Flow Forecast of High—Speed Rail Network XIONG Jian, QI Xin,LI Jian 583
Study on the Present Situation and the Development of High—speed Railway Passenger Station
Business HU Yong 587
Failure Analysis of Express Service Based on Service Blueprint and FMEA WANG Haolun, LI Xiang 592
Virus Marketing——Case of Nanchang Railway Freight Transportation GAN Weihua, LIU Bo, WANG Ruhong 601
The SERVQUAL Model Based on AHP in the Application of Cold Chain Logistics Industry
Research YAN Weian, ZHANG Hongbin, ZHANG Le, ZHOU Ermin 609
Standardization Management of Urban Rail Transit Operation HUANG Hailai 614
Improving the Eastern Polygon Management—Regarding the Need for Logistic
MAKLYGIN Nikolai, NACHIGIN Alexander, KRAKOVSKY Yuri 617
The Scenario Approach for Prediction of Indicators Transportation Process
Krakovskiy Yuri, Davaanyam Tamir, Luzgin Aleksandr 620
The Methodology of Institutional—synergetic Management in Transport Vladimir Burovtsev 624
Part Ⅵ Transportation and Economy
Empirical Analysis on Relationship between Jiangxi Foreign Trade and Modern Logistics ZHAO Dong, LIU Yande 629
Study of Public Sign Translations in Nanchang Metro Station WU Shuang, WANG Ning 641
Language Features and Translation Skills of English for Traffic Engineering SU Xuefen, LIU Zheng 647
Research on MTI Students' Translation Competence: A Case Study of Traffic Engineering
Document Translation TANG Bin, TAN Tao, SU Xuefen 650
Study on Visual Landscape of Railway Based on Regional Culture CHEN Youlin 657
Influence of High Speed Rail on Evolving Social Culture and Their Dynamic Interactive
Relationship PENG Fang 662
Analysis on Industrial Association of Logistics Industry in Jiangxi Province and Policy Recommendations ZHANG Nian 666
Comparative Study of Export Competitiveness of China's Railway Equipment Industry: Based on IMS, RCA and Diamond Model ZHOU Ye, WANG Wanshan 674
Integration—based Analysis and Implementation of Decision Support System for Rail Transit
Network Planning and Design HU Hui, XIA Yu 680
Research on the Models of PPP Compensation Mechanisms for Chinese Railway Investment and Financing QIAN Li, QIU Liping 686
Empirical Analysis of the Relationships between Railway Freight Volume and Economic
Development Based on Co—integration Theory ZHANG Cheng, HU Yi, HE Kemin 693
Evaluation of Railway Logistics Based on DEA YU Desheng, GUO Fang 700
Analysis on the Talents Demand in Promoting the Logistics Industry Development of Jiangxi
Province under 'One Belt One Road' Strategy LUO Ruirong 705
Analysis of the Influences of High—speed Railway to Talents Attractiveness of Nanchang's One—hour Economic Circle LIN Jingping, XIONG Wan 710
Study on Market—oriented Reform of Network Industry—Comparative Analysis of Railway,
Electric Power Industry ZHANG Yuhao, HUANG Zhilong 718
Application Research on TD—ABC in SY Logistics Enterprise YANG Xiaodan, WEN Ruoqing 724
Railway Freight Settlement Mechanism Reform Research LI Jianliang, LI Jingxuan 735
China Railway Debt Financing Situation and Influencing Factors WANG Shijie 740
Railway Joint Ventures Participation in Railway Operation Market Research
ZHU Liyun, LI Jianliang 747
Research on the Index System of Post Evaluation in Railway Enterprises TAO Yuchun, FAN Weiqiang 752
The Analysis of ABC's Applications in Railway Cost Settlement CHEN Kailu, HUANG Zhilong 759
Research on Railway Supervision in China Based on the Separation of Government and
Enterprise CAI Haojun, HUANG Hailai 764
Factors Affecting the Sticky Cost of Transport Companies YUAN Xishou, LIU Ping 768
The Influence of Corporate Environmental Responsibility on Corporate Green Image: the
Mediation Role of Green Innovation LI Dongwei, ZHANG Chunting 773
Analysis on the Present Situation of the Third Party Logistics of Railway Freight Transportation LIAO Hanlu, YUAN Sheng 784
On the Management of Transfer Pricing for Intangible Assets of Globalizing Chinese Companies KANG Yahua 792
The Action Recognition Approach for Intelligent Traffic Surveillance YUE Yanyan, TU Hongbin 798
Analysis on the Present Situation of Railway Transportation Safety and the Countermeasures to It ZHOU Liping, JIANG Xiaojun 802
Increase of System Effectiveness of Operational Dispatching Management on the East—Siberian Branch of JSC "Russian Railways": Main Directions of Cooperation with Irkutsk State Transport University Irina SOLSKAYA, Natalya OLINOVICH 805
Continuous Formation Process of Professional Competence of Transportation Engineers Andrey KHOMENKO, Irina SOL’SKAYA 808
International Education as a Training System of World Class Specialist CHERNYAEVA Victoria A., CHERNYKH Antonina B., GONG Yuxia 811
Continuous Education in The World's Context as a Tool in Innovative Development of Railway Transport SOL'SKAYA Irina, BOGATOV Maksim 815
Management of Integration Processes in Education IGOR Nikiforov, ANASTASIA Homyakova 819
External and Internal Client—Orientation in the Russian Railways JAKOBSON A.Ya., POTYEKHINA A.M.824
The Financial Position Analysis of Joint Stock Company "Russian Railways" in Accordance with International Financial Reporting Standard Kseniya A.Sedykh, Svetlana A.Khaletskaya 827
Technique of the Microanalysis of Physic—mechanical and Tribological Properties of Heterogeneous Surfaces Shastin V.I., Kargapol'tsev S.K.831
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Sample pages of Innovation and Sustainability of Modern Railway (ISBN:9787030501530)

Sample pages of Innovation and Sustainability of Modern Railway (ISBN:9787030501530)
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