Die Stadte Chinas

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Author: Wang Jie; Gong Xinkang;
Language: German
Page: 167
Publication Date: 07/2009
ISBN: 9787508515779
Publisher: China Intercontinental Press
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The Journey of Cities German Version is a reading material in German. Traditional culture, folk custom colors and rapid development constitute the inherent charm of Chinese cities. In Chinese cities, elements like environment, layout, landscape, style, etc., are showing the vivid and charming details of the city with classic or modern feature. Some cities have become unique culture carrier and symbol, for instance, speaking of Lhasa, people would think of holiness and purity; speaking of Lijiang, means romance and classic; mentioning Beijing, revealing the atmosphere and grace of the ancient Chinese capitalDifferent natural environments, historical backgrounds and life contents, combining into a colorful culture, it shows in the container of city. Through the citys skyscrapers and traffic, we can enjoy more wonderful sceneries.
Table of Contents

Table of contents: Die Stadte Chinas (ISBN:9787508515779)

Table of contents: Die Stadte Chinas (ISBN:9787508515779)
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Sample pages of Die Stadte Chinas (ISBN:9787508515779)

Sample pages of Die Stadte Chinas (ISBN:9787508515779)
Die Stadte Chinas