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Complete Works of Chinese Arts: Portrait Stones and Portrait Bricks (3 Books)
ISBN: 9787546108087 | Published on 12/2010 | Series: Complete Works of Chinese Arts

Complete Works of Chinese Arts: Collection of Chinese Portrait Bricks: Mural Painting in Tomb Chamber (2 Books)
ISBN: 9787546108070 | Published on 12/2010 | Series: Complete Works of Chinese Arts

Chinese Art History (3 Volumes)
ISBN: 9787546118505 | Published on 07/2011

Pop Up China
ISBN: 9787546110660 | Published on 04/2010
The epic grandeur of the Great Wall, the awe-inspiring Terracotta Amy, Armilary Sphere of ancient China, the historical legacy of the Dunhuang Caves,...

Chinese Calligraphy
ISBN: 9787546122779 | Published on 01/2012 | Series: Chinese Red | Reviews:
The China Red series records and summarizes the Chinese fine traditional culture for the first time in the form of English-Chinese version. This book...
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Chi-pao [Hardcover]
ISBN: 9787546120416 | Published on 09/2011 | Reviews:
Chi-pao, with neat lines and vivid colors, appearing sexy and charming, can bring out the beautiful body shape of women. Dressed in Chi-pao, women...

Chinese Wood Culture
ISBN: 9787546120478 | Published on 09/2011
The Chinese nation is a nation fond of wood, not only widely use wood in daily life, but also endow wood wares with special cultural significance by...

Tai Chi [Hardcover]
ISBN: 9787546120393 | Published on 09/2011
Being broad and profound, the long established Chinese Tai Chi culture is the source and an important idea of ancient Chinese philosophy. During the...

Chinese Red: Ancient Costumes and Accessories
ISBN: 9787546126487,7546126487 | Published on 03/2012 | Series: Chinese Red
Now let us walk into the colorful world presented by ancient Chinese costumes.Wandering in this world, readers can savor the luxurious Dragon...

Chinese Red: Ancient Emperor
ISBN: 9787546135069 | Published on 04/2013 | Series: Chinese Red

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