Fodor's Guide to Beijing: 2008 Olympics Edition

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  • Language: English
  • Format: Papercover
  • Page: 224
  • Publication Date: 01/2008
  • ISBN: 9787200070453
  • Publisher: Beijing Publishing House
Fodor's Travel, in conjunction with Beijing Publishing House, is proud to present the Fodor's Guide to Beijing: 2008 Olympics Edition. Get to know the best of the city in This is Beijing and travel from China's glorious past to its dynamic present in the pages of This is China. The special feature on the 2008 Olympic Games takes travelers on an exploration of China's Olympic history, shows how the Olympics have transformed Beijing, and provides all the critical information travelers need to get ready for the 2008 Games themselves.

The Sights & Excursions section features practical descriptions of historical sites and other major points of interest with walking maps for travelers' convenience.

In the Neighborhoods section, the city is organized into five areas, best reflecting the way that the city is viewed by locals today. Each section begins with an overview of the area and lists its top highlights with their Chinese addresses and contact information.

This book includes all places so wonderful that their worthiness are obvious. These venues, sights and experiences get highest rating, Fodor's Choice, indicated by stars throughout the book. Beijing is a large and dynamic city that's not always easy to navigate without help. The Essentials section offers basic tips and helpful hints for planning trip and getting around Beijing with ease. Check out the city itineraries for suggestions on hew best to manage time (and energy) to experience all that Beijing has to offer.
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Fodor's Guide to Beijing: 2008 Olympics Edition