Old Beijing: In the Shadow of Imperial Throne (English-Chinese)

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In the past my books have been pubished only in text form. Occasionally I have used a few photos for supplementary purposes. But,at thwe request of the Jiangsu Art Publishing House, I have recently completde this book, Old Beijing, which contains both text and pictures. The commissioning editor of the publishing house told me that the theme and style would have no limits set by them. So Idecided that the bood should be composed of three parts.The first part would be a history of Beijing form the "Ji"period of three thousand years before to the late Qing dynasty and the early Republic of China in the life in Beijing during the late Qing and early Repulic period.

Table of Contents
Chapter1 Entering Beijing
Chapter2 Capital of the Empire
Chapter3 The Fall of the Dynasty
Chapter4 steets and Alleys
Chapter5 Morning Bell andEverning
Chapter6 Temple Fairs and Theaters
Chapter7 Subordinates of the Capital
Chapter8 A Picture of Secular Life
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Old Beijing: In the Shadow of Imperial Throne (English-Chinese)