Impression of Hutong

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Since Beijing became the formal capital of the Yuan Dynasty, there appeared in the city streets and lanes calling nine "jing" (south-north oriented streets) and nine "wei" (east-west oriented ones). There were 384 huoxiang and 29 hongtong as well as a large number of strictly laid out quadrangles. Thus, the style of strictly close residential area that had existed since the Han and Tang dynasties began to change. They had no high walls to separate them but were bordered by streets, becoming "hutong" where the Beijing people lived generation after generation. By now, a long time have elapsed, and Beijing's hutong have experienced the vicissitudes of history. Most of the pictures included in this album were taken in the period between 1991 and 1998.It is only a small album of photos, so insignificant as compared with the mottled gatepost couplets, the fully marked door blocks, the compound gates and the ancient walls. The author compiles the photos into an album as a footnote for those people who have lived in Beijing's hutong so as to help them memorize their past life.
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Impression of Hutong