Chinese Seal Carving - Couple Stone 2

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  • Format: 2*2*7 cm (each)
  • Publication Date: 01/2010
Learn Chinese: 中国印 1.zhōng guó China / Chinese 2.yìn seal / signet / chop / stamp
As an art form born out of the combination of calligraphy and carving, Chinese seal cutting is traditionally listed along with painting, calligraphy and poetry as one of the 'four arts' expected of the accomplished scholar and a unique part of the Chinese cultural heritage. The art dates back about 3,700 years to the Yin dynasty and has its origin in the cutting of oracle inscriptions on tortoise shells. A seal in red on a calligraphic work or a painting represents not only a signature, but also an indispensable touch to liven it up.
Characters on seals may be cut in relief (name in red, background in white) or in intaglio (name in white, background in red). Tell us your name, desired style of seal stones and seal scripts (Seal Script, Li Script, Running Script, Grass Script, Zodic Sign, etc), we will design your unique signature for FREE and carve the design onto your seal on approval. Everyone who buys a Chinese seal from us will get an identical FREE electronical seal.
Chinese Seal Carving - Couple Stone 2