Elderly Care in China

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Table of Contents
Chapter One A Rapidly"Aging"China
1.China's Aging Population
2.Aging Trends in Statistics
3.Population Agingin China: Development Trends
4.Comprehensive Social Survey of the Elderly in China
5."Land of Longevity in China
6.Mysterious"Code for Longevity
Chapter Two Evolution of Elderlv Care in China
1.Modes of Elderly Care Since Ancient Times
2.Modes of Elderly Care in China: Case AnaJvsis of Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou
3.Issues Need to be Addressed and the Solutions in CKna
Chapter Three Have Chinese People Changed Their Views on Elderly Care
1.Chinese People Views on Elderly Care Are Changing Gradually
2."Internet+"Has Changed the Mode of Home—Based ElderlyCare
3."Combining Medical Care with Elderly Care"Has Changed the Mode of Old—Age Service
4.Views on Elderly Care Have Been Transformed、with Famous Scholars Moving into Nursing Facilities
Chapter Four "My"Nursing Facility—A Follow-Up Record of a Nursing Facility in Beijing
Chapter Five Interviews in the Nursing Facility
1.Agingin the Nursing Facility
2.Voice of Family Members
3.Voice of Staff
Chapter Six Observations and Reflections on Pension Systems Abroad
1.Pension System inJapan
2.Pension System in the United States
3.Observations and Reflections on Elderly Care Industry
Elderly Care in China