Chinese Red: Chinese Pottery

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Through the course of history, pottery has gradually shaken off its primitiveness and formed its matured, free-spirited, vigorous and simple art style. This book gives a comprehensive account of Chinese pottery, including its history, firing techniques, vessel shapes and decorative patterns to lead readers to the marvelous world of pottery art and experience its unique charm.
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Sample pages of Chinese Red: Chinese Pottery (ISBN:9787546125015) 

Sample pages of Chinese Red: Chinese Pottery (ISBN:9787546125015) 

The period of the Qin Dynasty andHan Dynasty (221 B.C.-220 A.D.) is animportant developmental stage in Chinesepottery's history. Although argillaceousgray pottery was the dominated type ofpottery at that time, the use of potteryextended to other areas. Funeral objectslike pottery figurines, pottery warriors,pottery maids, and other potteryproducts which reflected people's lifeand happiness prevailed. These potteriesprove the high artistic achievement ofthose days with perfect artistic form andvivid appearance, like the Terra CottaWarriors and Horses unearthed near theQin Tomb (mausoleum of the first Qinemperor). These thousands of potterywarriors with large scale and greatquantity vividly register the real featuresof brave soldiers of the Qin Dynasty (221B.C.-206 B.C.). Due to Qin Shi Huang'sinterest in building new palaces and thedevelopment of the architectural art inthe Han Dynasty (206 B.C.-220 A.D.),pottery was widely used in constructionin this period of time. The most uniquetypes of pottery are portrait brick andeaves tiles carved with various patterns,collectively known as Bricks.
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Chinese Red: Chinese Pottery