China Labour Statistical Yearbook 2013

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" China Labor Statistical Yearbook 2013 " ( bilingual ) is a comprehensive annual data reflect the economic situation of the labor People's Republic of China . Articles on labor statistics collected in 2011 national and provincial , autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the mouth of the main indicators also compiled a calendar year statistics.
  " China Labor Statistical Yearbook 2013 " The book is divided into 14 sections: 1 General ; 2 Employment and unemployment ; employment and total wages three urban units ; officers and four state-owned units total wage employment ; employment and total wages five urban collective units ; six other units of total employment and wages ; 7 township enterprises employment ; 8 vocational training and skills certification ; 3 labor relations ; 10 Social Security ; 11 trade union work ; 12 Hong Kong information ; 13 in Macau ; 14 Taiwanese data . End of the book Countries and Main Statistical Indicators .
" China Labor Statistical Yearbook 2013 " units in the book edited or provide information in addition to the National Bureau of Statistics , Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security , as well as the Ministry of Agriculture and the National Federation of Trade Unions . Information obtained in the form of book report mainly national and sectoral statistics, administrative records and sample surveys.
" China Labor Statistical Yearbook 2013 " National labor , employment and other data are extrapolated using the information , some information is not equal to the sum of total breakdown .
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China Labour Statistical Yearbook 2013