A Record of Wuxi Dialect

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Author: Zhou Fuchang;
Language: Chinese
Format: Paper
Page: 116
Publication Date: 12/2013
ISBN: 9787561937112
Level: 汉语研究者

Dialects are an important part of local cultures as well as a precious legacy of traditional Chinese culture. The characteristics of a dialect are usually embodied in its lexicon and pronunciation. With a relaxed tone and a prose-like style, this book shows and probes into the pronunciation and rhyme of and the cultural words in Wuxi dialect by taking mid-ancient pronunciation into account. It is a valuable historical and reference material for saving and researching on Wuxi dialect and the local culture.

About the Author
Zhou Fuchang, an associate professor, was born in December 1932 in Wuxi, Jiangsu Province. After graduating from Luoshe Teacher Training School of Jiangsu Province in 1951, Mr. Zhou began to work as a teacher. He was enrolled into the Chinese Department of Nanjing Normal University in 1957 and graduated in 1961. After that, he successively worked in Wuxi Teacher Training School, Wuxi No. 1 Middle School and Wuxi College of Education. He is a co-author of books such as Lectures on Ancient Literary Works, Selected Tang Dynasty Literary Works and Chronicle of Zuo: A Reader.
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A Record of Wuxi Dialect