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The Last Eunuch of China-The Life of Sun Yaoting
ISBN: 9787508514079 | Published on 10/2008 | Reviews:
Spanish version available at China's last eunuch Sun Yaoting died in December 1996 at...

Green Tea
ISBN: 9787508517421 | Published on 01/2010 | Series: Appreciating Chinese Tea | Reviews:
Fully illustrated with color photos. Why is tea the national drink of China? Why is tea regarded as symbolizing the harmony and myterious unity of...

China Connects the World: What Behind the Belt and Road Initiative
ISBN: 9787508536262 | Published on 04/2017

Choix de Poems et de Tableaux des Song
ISBN: 9787508512068 | Published on 01/2008 | Reviews:

Laws diving and human and pictures of Deities
ISBN: 9787900900067 | Published on 06/2019 | Series: Chinese Traditional Culture Series
In its 5,000-year history China produced many philosophers, and the 5,000-character Dao De Jing (The Book of the Way and Its Virtue) by Laozi is well...

Classical Chinese Poetry and Prose: Book of Poetry
ISBN: 9787508543604 | Published on 04/2020 | Series: Classical Chinese Poetry and Prose
Ancient Chinese classic poems are exquisite works of art. As far as 2,000 years ago, Chinese poets composed the beautiful work Book of Poetry and...

Human Rights Record of the United States in 2018
ISBN: 9787508541440 | Published on 03/2019

Appreciating Chinese Tea: Brewing Tea
ISBN: 9787508517131 | Published on 01/2010 | Series: Appreciating Chinese Tea | Reviews:

Blue and White Porcelain: A Masterpiece in the History of Chinese Porcelain
ISBN: 9787508545455 | Published on 02/2021
Blue and white porcelain is widely used and treasured in the life of many people around the world. People who have never been to China must have seen...

Illustrated History of Chinese Science & Technology: The Story of Papermaking
ISBN: 9787508541266 | Published on 05/2019 | Series: Illustrated History of Chinese Science & Technology
For kids aged from 6-10

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China Intercontinental Press (CIP) was established in 1993, and now is one of China's leading international publishing companies, producing over 200 new titles per year, most of which are in English, French, German, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Arabic, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, and so on. 
​It publishes trade and academic titles in subject areas such as China's arts, culture, literature, philosophy, religion, travel literatures and children books. CIP's mission is to present China, especially the information of Chinese culture, to the world and share the traditional and modern China's essence with both domestic and foreign readers.