China’s Golden Key Service Philosophy

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Golden Key Service, as a diamond in the crown of services, was introduced in China’s hospitality industry in 1995. In the same year, Golden Key in China received the world’s richest man and philanthropist, Bill Gates.In 2008, Golden Key in China was the only organization to be invited to provide services to the athletes and journalists of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. During the G20 Summit in Hangzhou in 2016, Golden Key China provided excellent hospitality for the heads of State who attended the Summit.The service collaboration network now covers 260 Chinese cities, involving over 2,000 Golden Key members.

About Author

Zhang Bin, doctor of philosophy, was once chief of the China Tourism Publishing House and the China Tourism Education Press. Based on his long-time study of China’s Golden Key Service, he has published books including China’s Golden Key Brand Series, Golden Key Service Study and On the Rights to Leisure. He has also published a series of articles in national journals such as Tourism Tribune and China Tourism News.
Wang Wei, chief training instructor of China Golden Key, once served as Executive Vice President of the Yeohwa Hotel in Xiamen, President of the Xiamen International Seaside Hotel, Dean of the Xiamen Institute of Hotel Management. He is now General Manager of the Gulangyu Islet Investment & Development Co., Ltd. His published works include China’s Golden Key Brand Series.

Table of Contents
Preface Pioneers of Chinese Service 001
Part I The Concept
Chapter 1 Golden Key Service and Its Philosophy 004
Section 1 The Origin of Golden Key Service 004
Section 2 Golden Key Service Philosophy 006
Section 3 Establishing China’s Golden Key Service Philosophy 009

Chapter 2 Service and Golden Key Service 013
Section 1 What Is Service? 014
Section 2 Differences between Golden Key Model and Other Service Models 015
Section 3 Golden Key Service and Its Models 018

Chapter 3 Customers First, Profits Second 023
Section 1 Profit: Foundation of Human Society 024
Section 2 Epistemology and Methodology of Customers First, Profits Second 026
Section 3 The Value of Customers First, Profits Second 028

Chapter 4 Meticulous Services and Tremendous Satisfaction to Customers 030
Section 1 Menticulous Services 031
Section 2 Surprisingly great Satisfaction for Customers 036

Chapter 5 Great Pleasure Derived From Customers’Tremendous Satisfaction 042
Section 1 Guests’ Surprise and Golden Key Brand 043
Section 2 Ideal Service and Demand for Self-Actualization 049
Section 3 Achieving a Rich Life 056

Chapter 6 Golden Key Service and "Chinese Service" 061
Section 1 "Chinese Service" 061
Section 2 Chinese Service Model 063
Section 3 Golden Key Service and "Chinese Service" 067

Part II The Skills
Chapter 1 Service Spirit 073
Chapter 2 First Impressions 090
Chapter 3 In-depth Understanding 104
Chapter 4 Team Operation 110

Part III Guidance
Chapter 1 Golden Key Highlighting the Olympic Games 120
Chapter 2 Golden Key Service: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow 123
I. Glittery Golden Key 124
II. Rise of Golden Key China 126
III. The Spirit of Golden Key 128
IV. Difficulties and Experience of Golden Key Service 132
V. System Innovation of Golden Key 135

Part IV Practice
Chapter 1 Outlook of Golden Key China for 2000 139
I. Experience 140
II. Proposed Steps 141
Chapter 2 Review and Prospects of Golden Key China 142
Chapter 3 Access to the WTO and Chinese Hotel Golden Key Network Linkage 146
I. Three Major Opportunities for China's Hotel Industry 147
II. Three Major Challenges of China’s Hotel Industry 148
III. Establishment of Golden Key Hotel Alliance to Build a World Brand of Chinese Hotels 150

Chapter 4 Golden Key China with New Ideas,New Thoughts and New Situation 155
I. Overview of Golden Key China 156
II. Guiding Ideology, Basic Objectives and Working Principles of Golden Key China 157
III. Specific Implementation Plan of Golden Key China (2002-2005) 158

Chapter 5 Internationalized Golden Key China with the Independent Brand 160

Chapter 6 Faith and Pursuit, Brand and Future 163
Chapter 7 Brand Management and Development,
Service Network and Innovation 166
Chapter 8 Golden Key China with Higher Service Quality, Faster Service Efficiency and Stronger Service Network 171
Chapter 9 Global Network-based Golden Key Service 174
Chapter 10 Golden Key China Moving towards Brilliance 178
Chapter 11 Operation, Management and Service of Golden Key China 181
Chapter 12 Brand Management and Service of Golden Key China 186
Chapter 13 Chinese Service • Brand Culture 190
I. Education Culture 192
II. Management Culture 193
III. Service Culture 194

Chapter 14 Golden Key Making the World Full of Love 195
Chapter 15 Chinese Service in the Network Times 198
Chapter 16 Golden Key Service Alliance Based on the Internet 201
Postscript 207
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China’s Golden Key Service Philosophy