Tibetan Religions - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China

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In order to understand Tibetan religious practices, it is necessary to begin with the Bon religion, for it is an indigenous religion of the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau enriched with regional and cultural characteristics. As an orthodox religious culture in Tibetan areas before the spread of Buddhism, the Bon religion was an important component of Tibetan traditional culture. Originating in remote antiquity, it underwent all the historical courses that ancient Tibetan society followed, and, consequently, advanced the civilization of Tibetan society in its early stages. At the same time, the Bon religion, claiming broad mass foundation, played an indispensable role in the later development of Tibetan Buddhism.

Table of Contents
The Bon Religion
1.Dor-Bonism:The Ancient Bon Religion
2.Cha-Bonism:The Yungdrung Bon Religion
3.Jo-Bonism:The New Bon Religion
4.The Development and Current Situation of the Bon Religion
Tibertan Buddhism
1.The Origination of Tibetan Buddhism
2.The formation of Tibetan Buddhism
3.The Development of Buddhism
4.Buddhist Sects
Roman Catholicism
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Tibetan Religions - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China