Living on the Roof of the World

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This book tells the personal stories of more than 20 people living in Tibet. They have different occupations: Soldier, writer, entrepreneur, photographer, painter, scholar, musician, singer, teacher, doctor, balladeer, athlete, and so on. Some of them are young, some of them are old, and some have already passed away. They have lived different lives, but have one thing in common. They all once lived in Tibet and experienced the life and times of the period since the 1950s, an extraordinary period in their history. They not only observed these changes, but also participated in them. These true and touching stories will no doubt open a window for readers who are not familiar with this period of Tibet and are interested in knowing more about it.
Table of Contents
No.1 Rock Band of the Tibetan Plateau
Lobsang Tenzin and the Legendary Tibetan Medical Family of Qiemo
Jiling Kezhu, Voice of the People
The First Tibetan PhD in Anthropology
The Life of Amdo Qiangba, Master of Tibetan Painting
Portraits ot Women Mounters
Nyima Tsering and His Mountaineering School
Kite-flying in Lhasa
Meeting with Maigelong of Ngari
The New Bards Of Tibet
The Father and Son Photographers in Tibet
A Tibetan Author Writes About the Tibet He Knows
Doing Well by Doing Good
A Distinguished Professor at Tibet University
Marriage of Phuntsok
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Living on the Roof of the World