Tibetan Arts - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China

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In Tibet, wherever you go, whether the relatively populated cities, towns and villages, or uninhavited grassland; whether the elevated mountains, or jade-green lakes; you will aways be amazed by the artistic wonders: the magnificent monastic architectures backed by mountains, the age-old petroglyhps and petrographs depicted on wild cliffs, the prayer-flags flying over mountain passes and lakefronts, the ancient fortresses standing on peaks, the colorful and supernatural frescos, sculptures and thangkas decorated in monasteries, and the untremmelled songs and dances shown throughout the extensive pasture......In short, where the highland dwellers set their foot, there must have been etheir sapiential touches left. These artistic treasures have an intransic tie with Tibetan cultures. In a sense, they are the representation of the Tibetan cultures. Tibetan arts have gone through a 5000 year history. The prehistoric art was closely bound up with the aboriginal bon religion, while its later development relied greatly on the Tibetan Buddhist culture, therefore it has been branded with strong ethnic and regional characteristics.

Table of Contents
Tibetan Architectures
Tibetan Sculptures
Tibetan Paintings
Tibetan Handicrafts
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Tibetan Arts - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China