Tibetan Education - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China

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Nowadays more and more Tibetan teenagers have cherished the hope to go to Beijing, and even abroad for further study. Especially in this year when it is broadly reported that ten postgraduates have been turned out by Tibet University and the Tibet Institute of Traditional Tibetan Medicine and obtained masters degrees for the first time in Tibetan history. Pursuing higher educational soon became the new goal among many young Tibetan students.

However, still few postgraduate programs are available in Tibet. Therefore many Tibetan youngsters have chosen to go to the hinterland for further study. The TAR government has entered into cooperative agreements with several universities in the hinterland to commission them to cultivate postgraduates for Tibet. Now there are 94, l8 and 20 Tibetan postgraduates respectively in Renmin, Tianjin and Sichuan University. In 2000 when Renmin University first recruited 34 Tibetan students, the applicants were more than 400.

Table of Contents
Monastic Education in the Feudal Serfdom Perioc
The Short Budding of Modern Time Education
The Emergence of Modern Education in the Early Days of the Peaceful Liberation
The Development of Modern Time Education
Set back during the "Cultural Revolution"
Readjustment and Restoration in the New Era
Improvement of the Modern time Educational system
Tibet University Today
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Tibetan Education - Series of Basic Information of Tibet of China