English Common Expressions - How to Say it in Chinese? (Ebook) Vol 1

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As we know,many expressions are universal and exist in many languages. Every language uses its own metaphors and its own method to describe them. English contains many commonly used expressions to express many ideas and contents.The parallel Chinese expression are generally (but not totally) not derived by literal translation word by word. In this book there are the more commonly used English expressions and they way they are expressed in Chinese.The English expressions are exhibited in alphabet order and are followed By pinyin in addition to the Chinese characters.

About Author 
My name is Orna taub.I was born in Israel in 1957. My big interesting in China and the Chinese language started after I graduated from Chinese medicine school in Israel And complemented my study in another school of Chinese medicine to study two years Chinese herbs. One of my instructors was a native Chinese doctor who came from chengdu and only spoke Chinese. The meeting with him evoked in me a sudden and great attraction to China and a big passion to learn Chinese. I started to learn Chinese by myself using textbooks. Gradually friendly relationships started to develop between me and my Chinese instructor ,and since he could only speak Chinese, I had no other choice but to break my teeth to speak Chinese with him. As I progressed in Chinese I started to help him in his everyday life communication and after a while also joined him to his patients homes to serve as a translator. Eventually I became his translator in his classes too.In the following years I continued to study by myself .After a few years I made my first trip to China and stayed in Chengdu (Sichuan province) for three months attending the Normal University and taking classes in Chinese language with other foreign students. During that time I spoke only Chinese and made great progress in my language studies. Since I came back to Israel and on I use every possible way to study Chinese and deepen my knowledge in the language. In the recent years I have taken one-on-one lessons using skype studying colloquial Chinese in advanced level with a native Chinese teacher from Beijing , practice speaking with another teacher in chengdu and directly contact with Chinese native speakers friends by speaking and writing. Recently I graduated from the Beijing Language and Culture University (BLCU) after 8 months of studying Chinese translation (1-1 lesson by skype), and got a certificate. After years of very diligent studying I decided to make use of my long time experience as a student and share my knowledge and insights with the worldwide mandarin students.Being a long time enthusiastic student myself let me experience the problems and difficulties of the mandarin student and my wish is to share the worldwide students with my knowledge and insights gained by my own efforts to overcome the difficulties and language issues I encountered. Till now I wrote several digital books for students which may be very beneficial for students who already have a basic knowledge in mandarin Chinese. I hope the mandarin student will be benefited from my books.
English Common Expressions - How to Say it in Chinese? (Ebook) Vol 1