Tianjin Guide

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Table of Contents
I. This is Tianjin Wei
Haihe Scenic Route
Haihe Sightseeing
Eye of Tianjin
Dabei Zen Temple
Three Forks of the River
Jade Emperor Pavilion
Wanghailou Church
Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall
Yuan's Residence
Tianjin Railway Station
Century Bell
Teahouse Comedy
Celebrity Teahouse
Qianxiang Yi Comic Teahouse
West Coast Comedy Club
Old Town Little Pear Garden
Yuanqi Teahouse
Fu Le Gu Lou Teahouse
Yang Guang Comic Club
Tianhuajing Theatre
Comic City Youth Comedy Theater
Former Residence of Famous People
Liang Qichao Memorial Hall
Cao Yu Residence Memorial Hall
Li Shutong Memorial Hall
The former residence of Zhang Xueliang
Pimple Building
Yan Huiqing's Former Residence
Zhang Xueming's Former Residence
Li Shufu's Former Residence
Duan Qirui Residence
Zhuang Le Feng's Residence
Former Residence of Zhang Ruiting
Specialties and Famous Products
Yangliuqing New Year Painting
Clay Man Zhang
Kite Wei
Yidecheng Snuff
Laojinwei Jasmine Tea
Gourd House
Gouli buns
Guifaxiang sesame flower
Ears and eyes fried cake
Pancake 馃檪
Little Station Rice
Dafu Lai Potted Vegetables
Yangcun dried cake
Tianjin Wei Radish
Shredded bean curd from East Mafang
Sesame Sauce Egg
Hongluan Soy Bean Curd
Second, the whole area of Tianjin city tour
Three, Bincheng city-wide tour
Four, tourism hundred things
Five, the pass ultimatum 
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Tianjin Guide