Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist(City) Consumption (2015-2016)

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  • Language: English
  • Format: 24.4 x 18.2 x 1 cm
  • Page: 116
  • Publication Date: 12/2016
  • ISBN: 9787200127102
  • Publisher: Beijing Publishing House
World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) and Ipsos (a world-Ieading market research institution) have been jointly conducting the Market Research on Chinese Outbound Tourist (City) Consumption since 2014, and releasing annual market research reports for three years consecutively. Research items have been increased and research bases have been expanded, while the consistency and continuity of research contents have still maintained. Through multiperspective and multi-dimensional consumer research, both WTCF and Ipsos hope to better understand the development trends of China's outbound tourism market, systematically and comprehensively summarize and display the consumption habits and behaviors of Chinese outbound tourists as well as relevant changes in this regard. WTCF and Ipsos are dedicated to providing valuable reference to the world's tourism industry, and providing suggestions for member cities and organizations to help them improve market operation and services.<br/>
<b>Editor's Recommendation</b>
<p>Compared with researches in previous years, the 2016 market research report pays more attention to practicality and guidance. It attaches importance to the changes occurring in the consumption behaviors and habits of Chinese tourists in outbound travel, changes in business models, as well as the relationships among them. Proceeding from the perspectives of market operation and benefits generation, the 2016 market research report explores changes of Chinese tourists in acquiring tourism information, booking tourism products, as well as in their attentions, consumption behaviors and habits. It emphasizes the vast market of overseas tourism and the great potential of Chinese outbound tourists. It shows to member cities and organizations that while the market and industry are developing rapidly, they should seize the opportunities, share the mechanisms, and explore the market with greater confidence and capacity, so as to guarantee the sustained development and extensive benefits of tourism industry.</p>
<b>About Author</b>

<p>World Tourism Cities Federation (WTCF) is an international tourism organization voluntarily formed by well-known tourism cities and tourism-related institutions around the world under the initiative of Beijing. Established on 15 September 2012 in Beijing, WTCF has its headquarters and secretariat based in Beijing, and takes Chinese and English as its official languages.<br/>
WTCF is the first city-based international tourism organization in the world. Guided by the vision of Better City Life through Tourism, it is committed to facilitating exchanges and cooperations between members and promoting sustainable growth in the tourism sector. WTCF aims to increase the appeal of tourism cities as international destinations, enhance the quality and efficiency of their services, boost the brand images of tourism cities and promote balanced economic and social progress in tourism cities and regions.<br/>
WTCF currently has 181 members, including 120 city members and 61 institutional members. The institutional members of WTCF consist of world-renowned travel agencies, media organizations, airports, airlines, hotel groups, financial firms and other tourism- related institutions. WTCF provides a service package covering the entire industrial chain for its members, organizes project cooperation in product development, tourism investment and marketing, and promotes cooperation among and between tourism cities and institutions. Having included all the leading Chinese tourism cities, travel agencies and airlines in its membership, WTCF provides an open avenue for cooperation for its international members.</p>
Table of Contents
Ⅰ.Development Overview of International Tourism and China's Outbound Tourism
Development overview of international tourism development in 2015
Development overview of China's outbound tourism in 2015
Ⅱ.Characteristics of Chinese Outbound Tourist Groups
Where are they from
Where have they been
Where will they go in the future
What are their cultural characteristics
What are their tourism characteristics
Ⅲ.Overseas Tourism Behaviors and Habits of Chinese Tourists
Before the travel
During the travel
After the travel
Ⅳ.Demands of Chinese Tourists for Overseas Tourism
Information inquiry
Visa processing
Payment methods
Ⅴ.How to Attract Chinese Outbound Tourists
What existing factors are attractive to them
What are their concerns before travel
How to attract them
Ⅵ.Interests of Chinese Outbound Tourists in Theme Tourism
Interests of Chinese outbound tourists in theme tourism
Interests of Chinese outbound tourist in cruise tourism
Who are interested in such theme tourism
Ⅶ.Exploratory Research on Development Changes of China's Tourism Industries
Ⅷ.Suggestions for Overseas Tourism Cities and Relevant Tourism Agencies
Appendix: Questionnaire Used for the Survey
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist(City) Consumption (2015-2016) (ISBN:9787200127102)

Sample pages of Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist(City) Consumption (2015-2016) (ISBN:9787200127102)
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Market Research Report on Chinese Outbound Tourist(City) Consumption (2015-2016)