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Being the political center of the Yuan, Ming, and Qing dynasties, the whole city of Beijing was saturated with august imperial flavor. However, outside the imperial city in Beijing's Hutongs and Siheyuan, things are quite different where ordinary people lived simply and happily one generation after another.
When in Beijing, prepared to--
Hold your breath when standing in front of the Forbidden City, Tian' anmen Square
the Summer Palace, the Great Wall, etc.
Be amazed by the Peking Opera and acrobatics performances.
Exhaust yourself while doing shopping among numerous departments and shopping malls.
Forget your weight when dining at local restaurants.
Table of Contents
A Grand Capital
 General Introduction
Central Axis-Squares & Palaces
 Tian'anmen Square
 Tian'anmen(Gate of Heavenly Peace)
 Monument to the People’S Heroes
 Grcat Hau of the People
 The National Grand Theatre
 The National Museum of China
 Chairman Mao Memorial Hal]
 Zhongshan Park
 Zhengyangmen(The Front Gate)
 Duanmen Gate
 Working People’S Cultural Palace
 The FOrbidden CitV
 Jingshan Park
 Drum Tower&Bel]Towet
Xicheng-XUanWu DistriCt:Beautifu!Scenes with Blue water
 Beihai Park
 Tuancheng(Round City)
 Former Residence of Guo Moruo
 Former Residence of Lu Xtw
 Former Residence of Song Qingling
 Gongwangfu Garden
 Zhongnanhai(Central and South Lakes)
 Baiyunguan(White Cloud 7emple)
 Beijing Zoo
 Taoranting Park
 Daguanyuan(Grand View Garden)
 Xiannongtan(Altar ofAgriculture)
 Liulichang Cultural Street
Dongcheng-Congwen District:
 Strolling Around Ancient Buildings
 Yonghegong(Lama Temple)
 Changpuhe Park
 Huangchenggen Yizhi Gongyuan
 Kong Miao(Confucius Temple)&
 GuozUian(Imperial College)
 riantan Park(Temple of Heaven)
Haidian-Shijingshan: Qing Dynasty's Imperial Gardens Centering on the Summer Palace
Fengtai-Mentougou-Fangshan: Ancient Temples and Cultural Relics
Chaoyang Districr: Ancient and Modern Combination
Changpin_Yanqing: the Great Wall&the Imperial Tombs
Miyun-Pinggu-Huairou:Lang of Magnificence
Ancient Charms in Beijing
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Travel in Beijing