Issues and Exploration: Past, Present and Future of China's Tourism Development

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Language: Chinese, English
Format: 22.8 x 16.8 x 2.8 cm
Page: 518
Publication Date: 10/2011
ISBN: 756372236X, 9787563722365
Table of Contents
Common Future. Tourism Globalization and Global Tourism 
Retrospe.ct and Prospect= International Background of China's Tourism Development 
On Moderate Scale of Tourism in China 
The Model of China's Tourism Industry Development 
Cooperation in the Midst of Competition= Theoretical Issues Regarding Foreign Investment in Tourism Industry 
Is Tourism Really a Labor-intensive Industry? 
One More Query: Is Tourism a Labor-Intensive Industry? 
Discussion on Deep Reform of Travel Agency Industry 
On Travel Agencies' 'Development in Collectivization' 
The Options and Outlets for the Reform of China's Tourism Administrative System 
The Advantages and Disadvantages of the Tourist Attraction--Operating Companies' Going Public 
On the Complexity and Irregularity of the Cyclical Changes of Chinese Tourism Industry 
A Study on the Macro Scale of Chinese Tourist Hotel Industry 
A Few Theoretical Issues in Developing the Travel Agency Industry in China 
Primary Study on the Use Tax of Tourism Resources 
Stagnation and Way-out= Changing China's Travel Trade 
From Brokers to Suppliers= The Only Way for the Transforming and Upgrading of China's Travel Agencies 
From Foreign Exchange Earning to Balance of Payments= Review of China's Outbound Tourism Development Strategy 
An Overview of Research on China's Travel Agencies in 2006 
Recommendations to Build the Wholesale and Retail System for Travel Agencies in China 
Hong Kong Disneyland and Its Possible Impact on China's Theme Park Industry 
Research on the Connotation and Index System of Building Up China's Tourism Power 
The Retrospect of China's Tourism Development in the Past 30 Years
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Issues and Exploration: Past, Present and Future of China's Tourism Development