Tai Ji for Health

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Language: English
Format: Hardcover
Page: 201
Publication Date: 12/2007
ISBN: 9787119051086
This book introduces to all people interested in Taiji, Chen Style Taijiquan for health, the Taiji skills of internal energy and the 18 Short Forms of Chen Style Taijiquan. In this way, everyone can begin to understand and realize the physical health and mental benefits to be gained from regular practice of Taijiquan.
Table of Contents
Photograph of Grandmaster Chen Zhenglei
Guidelines for Using This Book
Introduction to Chen Style Taijiquan

Chapter One: The Principles of Chen Style Taiji for Health
Section I The Features of the Exercises
Section ll The Health Benefits of the Exercises
Section lll The Key Requirements and Main Details for Exercising

Chapter Two: The Foundation Training Exercises
Section l Warm-up Exercises
Section ll Silk Reeling Energy Exercises
Section lll Steps Training Methods

Chapter Three: The Taiji Skills of Preserving Energy
Section I Sitting Quietly Method (Meditation)
Section ll Energy Collection Exercises

Chapter Four: Illustration of the 18 Forms of Chen Style Taiji
Section I Names of the Movements
Section ll Instructions of the Movements
Form 1 Preparing Form
Form 2 Buddha' s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
Form 3 Lazy About Tying Coat
Form 4 Six Sealing and Four Closing
Form 5 Single Whip
Form 6 White Crane Spreads its Wings
Form 7 Walk Forward Diagonally
Form 8 Brush Knee
Form 9 Stepping to Both Sides (Three Steps Forward)
Form 10 Cover Hands and Strike with Fist
Form 11 High Pat on the Horse
Form 12 Kick with the Left Heel
Form 13 Jade Girl Works at Shuttles
Form 14 Wave Hands
Form 15 Turn Body with Double Lotus Kick
Form 16 Cannon Fist Over Head
Form 17 Buddha' s Warrior Attendant Pounds Mortar
Form 18 Finishing Form

Chapter Five: Views from the West
Section I A Taiji Journey
Section ll Chinese Tuina Massage and Chen Style Taijiquan
Section lll Managing Stress withTaiji
Section IV Taiji&QigongfortheEIderly
SectionV Traditional Chinese Medicine&Taiji
Chapter Six: Interviews with Practitioners
Chapter Seven: Dialogue with Master Liming Yue
Chapter Eight: Biography of the Authors

Annual China Trip
Chen Zhenglei Taijiquan Culture Ltd.
An Introduction to Jiaozuo City
The International Taijiquan Exchange Competition, Jiaozuo City, China
An Introduction to the Chinese Wushu Duanwei (Grading) System
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