Shanghai 2020: The City's Vision for Its Future

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Table of Contents
Shanghai Chronology
Chapter One
The History and Future of the City
Shanghai Through the Bund
The Future in the Past
Chapter Two
The Opening Up of the City from 1990
Special Economic Zones
Urban Planning and the Development of the City
The Shanghai Stock Exchange
Planning the Future: The 2001 Master Plan
Shanghai and the Five Year Plans
Shanghai's Own Programme 2011-2015
The Key Areas of the 12th Five Year Programme
Chapter Three
Shanghai and Globalisation: The 2010 Expo
Expos in General
The World in One City for Six Months
Expo Assessment
The Sustainable Use of the Expo Site
What Is Worth It?
Shanghai Disneyland
International Events
The Expo, International Events and the Meaning of the Shanghai's Internationalisation
Chapter Four
Shanghai Society and Governance
Administrative Structures
A Migrant City?
The Core Issue: Inequality
Governing Shanghai at the Grassroots
Social Welfare
The Role of International Migration and Citizens
Shanghai 2020: The Creation of a Middle Class Society
Chapter Five
The Shanghai Economy
The Phases of Development
The Impact of Entry to the WorldTrade Organisation 2001
The Role of International Trade: Imports and Exports
Foreign Direct Investment in Shanghai
Shanghai Outward Investment
China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone
Shanghai Economy 2020
Chapter Six
Shanghai as an international Finance Centre
A Brief History
Development of the Finance Sector
The Vision for the City's Financial Service
The Development of Shanghai as an International Finance
Centre - the Products
A Tale of Two International Banks in Shanghai
Internationalisation of the RMB
Challenges for the Future
Chapter Seven
Shanghai's Environment
China's National Environmental Challenges: Context
Shanghai's Natural Environment
Shanghai Energy
The Regeneration of the City
The New Built Environment
Food Security
Sustainability and the Environment: The Bigger Picture
Chapter Eight
Shanghai Culture
Soft Power
The Culture of a City of Wellbeing
What Does It Mean to Be Shanghainese?
Cultural Innovation
The Shanghai Brand
Shanghai 2020
The Local Dimension
Shanghai's Future in the National Context
Shanghai in the Global Context
What Do the Shanghainese Want?
Shanghai 2020: The City's Vision for Its Future