Reading China Series: China in History and Reality - How China Has Come All This Way

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"中国读本"丛书, 以让世界更好地读懂中国为出发点, 重点向国外读者介绍中国道路、中国理论、中国制度和中国实践.
The "Reading China" series focuses on introducing China's path, theory, system and practice to foreign readers, with the purpose of enabling the world to better understand China.

About Author
Liu Zhixin 
As a research assistant at Central Institute of Party's History and Literature, he is engaged in studying socialism with Chinese characteristics in Xi Jinping's new era, as well as the CPC's history and party construction. He edited How to Establish the CPC's Style and Enforce its Disciplines in the New Era. Moreover, he published a dozen of papers, including "Rigid Discipline of the CPC is the Basic Spirit of the Party Constitution", "The Development and Achievements of Building a oderately Prosperous Society Since the Eighteenth Congress of the CPC", "Enforcing Discipline within the CPC during the Long March", "1939: the United Struggle That Brought Victory in the Anti-Japanese War" and "Retrospection of the Journey of Strict Supervision Within the CPC".
Table of Contents
Chapter One Dynasties: The Growth of an Ancient Oriental Civilization
The Beginning of the Chinese Nation
Abdicating and Passing Down the Throne by Yao, Shun and Yu
Family-Governed Monarchy
Cheng Tang's Crusade Against Xia Jie
King Wu's Conquest over King Zhou
War Signals Drama
The Five Hegemons of the Spring and Autumn Period
The Seven Warring States
The Unification of China by Qin
The Chu-Han War
The Silk Road
The Reign of Empire Guangwu
The Three Kingdoms
The Prosperous Period of the Tang Dynasty
Being Acclaimed Emperor by Supporters
The Reunification
The Last Empire
Chapter Two Wandering in the Dawn: The Darkness and Humiliation of Modern China
The Opium War
The Second Opium War
The Burning of the Old Summer Palace
Winning on the Battlefield, but Losing in the End
The Humiliation of the First Sino-Japanese War
The Wave of Imperia list Powers Dividing China
The Siege of the International Legations
The Taiping Movement By the Peasantry
The Westernization Movement Led by the Landowning Class and the Westernization Group
The Modernization Movement by Bourgeois Reformers
The Revolution of 1911 (The Xinhai Revolution) by the Bourgeois Revolutionaries
Chapter Three A Hero's Paean: The Struggle for Freedom and Liberation
The New Culture Movement
The May 4th Patriotic Movement
Walking Towards Marxism
Birth of the Communist Party of China
Realization of the First Nationalist-Communist Cooperation
The Climax and Failure of the Great National Revolution
The Opening of a New Path to the Chinese Revolution
Nation in Peril
Forming a Broad National United Front to Combat Japanese
Victory in the Anti-Japanese War
Wandering at the Crossroads
Victory in the Civil War and the People's Liberation War
Establishment of the People's Republic of China
Chapter Four Rebirth in Nirvana: Foundation of the PRC and Establishment of Socialist System
Consolidation of the Nascent Regime
The War to Resist U.S. Aggression and Aid Korea
The Transition to Socialism
The "First Five-Year Plan" That Laid the Foundation of Chinese Industry
The Establishment of the Socialist System
The Winding Path of Socialist Construction
The "Cultural Revolution"
Forced Agricultural Experience for City Intellectuals
The Opening of a New Dimension in Chinese Diplomacy
Chapter Five Reform and Opening Up: The Decisive Move to Determine China's Destiny
Discussion on the Criteria of Truth
The Third Plenary Session of the 11th Central Committee of the Communist Party of China
The Four Fundamental Principles
Taking the First Step towards Reform
Opening the Door to the Outside World
The Proposal of a "Xiaokang Society"
The Adjustment of Diplomatic Policy
A Primary Stage of Socialism
One Country with Two Regimes
Southern Talks by Deng Xiaoping
Socialist Market Economy
The "1992 Consensus"
China's Accession to the World Trade Organization
To Pursue Development in a Scientific Way
Realizing the Dream of Hosting the Olympic Games
Chapter Six Rebuilding the Chinese Dream: Towards a New Era of National Rejuvenation
A New Era for Socialism with Chinese Characteristics
The Proposal of the Chinese Dream of National Rejuvenation
The Eight-Point Regulation that Changed China
Pushing Forward the Reform and Opening up
"The Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy" of Governance
Strive to Promote the New Vision on Development
Leading the New Economic Normal
Building a Beautiful China
Building a Community of Shared Future for Mankind
Winning the Battle Against COVID-19
Poverty Elimination
Securing a Decisive Victory in Building a Moderately Prosperous Society in all Aspects
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Reading China Series: China in History and Reality - How China Has Come All This Way (ISBN:9787508546599)
Sample pages of Reading China Series: China in History and Reality - How China Has Come All This Way (ISBN:9787508546599)
Sample pages of Reading China Series: China in History and Reality - How China Has Come All This Way (ISBN:9787508546599)

Reading China Series: China in History and Reality - How China Has Come All This Way