Reading China Series: What is the Chinese Dream

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The "Reading China" series focuses on introducing China's path, theory, system and practice to foreign readers, with the purpose of enabling the world to better understand China.

About Author
Li Xiaoqian 
She graduated from the Department of History of Peking University, and is currently an assistant researcher of the Institute of Party History and Literature of the CPC Central Committee. She has participated in a number of major projects of the CPC Central Committee as well as institutes and departments. She has published many theoretical and academic articles, demonstrating her profound historical knowledge and excellent writing skills.
Table of Contents
Chapter One Reminiscence of the Eventful Years: Where does the Dream Come from? Why is the Road to Pursue the Dream so Bumpy after the Dream is Broken?
Splendid Civilization of Heavenly Kingdom
The Gate Was Blast Open, the Country Was in the Dark Hour
Learning from the West, Striving to Be Strong
Endeavoring to Change, Revitalizing the Chinese Nation
Chapter Two Overcome the Difficulties: How to Achieve the Dream of National Independence and People's Liberation?
Pioneering on May 4th, the Chinese Nation Awakened
Sparkling in the Dark Night, the Red Boat Set Sail
A Tower of Strength in the Anti-Japanese War
Independence and Liberation Giving Wings to National Rejuvenation
Chapter Three Success Doesn't Come Easy: How to Realize the Dream of Self-improvement in Modernization?
Establishing and Consolidating the Regime
Working Hard to Build an Industrial China
Two Bombs and One Satellite Boosting National Confidence
Depicting the Blueprint, Groping Forward
Chapter Four From Chaos to Prosperity: How Did the Reform and Opening-up Lead China to the Fast Lane of Development?
A Historic Turn in China's Development
Top-level Designs Keeping Pace with the Times
The Rise of China through Reform and Opening-up
Chapter Five Riding the Tide of the Times: Why Are We Closer Than Ever to Fulfilling the Chinese Dream in the New Era?
Great Dream of National Rejuvenation
Holding High the Banner of Socialism and Drawing up Blueprint for Development
Forging Ahead Toward Greater Historic Achievements
All-Round Moderate Prosperity is a Dream of the People
Building a Global Community with a Shared Future
Sample Pages Preview
Sample pages of Reading China Series: What is the Chinese Dream (ISBN:9787508546650)
Sample pages of Reading China Series: What is the Chinese Dream (ISBN:9787508546650)
Sample pages of Reading China Series: What is the Chinese Dream (ISBN:9787508546650)

Reading China Series: What is the Chinese Dream