New Medical Enlightenment From Ancient Classics

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Table of Contents
Preface (Ⅱ)
Translator's Notes
Part I
New Enlightenments on Medicine from Chinese Classics
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Classical Chinese Meridian Theory
1. The System of Meridians
2. The Flow of Meridians
3. The Exploration of Meridians
Chapter 3 Reflections on Meridian Theory
1. Some Reflections
2. Personal Views
Chapter 4 New Findingsin Meridians
1. Magnetic Penetration through Meridians
2. Difference between Channels, Collaterals, Tertiary Collaterals and Minute Collaterals in Magnetism
3. Mechanism of Magnetic Penetration through Meridians
4. Resonance
5. Embryo Magnetic Pathways and Fetus Development
6. Circulation, Magnetic Flow and Acupuncture Methods
7. Functions of Acupuncture, Moxibustion and Magnetism, andAcupoints
8. Nerves and Brain Function with Magnetism and Electricity
Chapter 5 New Applications ofMeridians
1. Meridian System and Immunity Adjustment
2. Acupoints, Meridian System and the Adjustment of Hormone
3. Meridian System and the Adjustment of Brain Cell Metabolism
4. Sense of Pain, Nerve Reflex Route, Thalamus and Acupuncture Anaesthesia
5. Ear Conch and Ear Acupuncture
6. The Third System CRS
7. Magnetic Flow in Meridian Acupoints and Medical

Part Ⅱ
Transcendental Psychology from Buddhist Epistemology
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 One Hundred Modes in Five Categories
Appendix 1: The Eight Consciousnesses and Their Mental Conditions
Appendix 2: A List of One Hundred Modes in Five Categories
Chapter 3 The Eighth Consciousness
1. Explanation of "Twelve Different Names
2. "Five Causes" and "Dependent Perceptions
3. Some Enlightenments

Chapter 4 The Seventh Consciousness Manas
1. Conversion of Mind
2. Memory, Recollection and Memory Transformation
3. Considering
4. Transformed Consciousness
6. Argument of the Seventh Consciousness "She Jue Ze Fen"
7. SelfCentred Consciousness
8. Active and Passive
10. Children
11. Adolescents and Adults
12. Motor Pattern
Chapter 5 MentalActivities Caused by the Seventh and Sixth
1. Aesthetics and Mental Conditions
2. Obsession and Desire
3. Dharmas Pertaining to Form
4. Good and Evil
5.Consciousness and Lifefaculty
Chapter 6 The Sixth Consciousness Manovijnana
Chapter 7 The First Five Consciousnesses
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Sample pages of New Medical Enlightenment From Ancient Classics (ISBN:9787532635160)

Immunology has become a specialized branch of learning related to many other disciplines. Based upon the theory of modern immunology and the proofs I have gathered,I would like to discuss acupuncture therapy and acupoint selection for diseases related to immune system. But I will not explore immunology in a full scale here. No doubt, the hypothesis of the restoring system fully depends on physics and other natural sciences such aschemistry, biology, and medical science. The further development of immunology depends onoptical microscopes, electronic microscopes and genomics. It is a component of cell biology.Besides, immunology is also related to microbiology and physiology. But the study of acupuncture in an electromagnetic perspective seems odd. It is often regarded as "heterodox".
There are lymph nodes under the skin and in all the internal organs, brain, and muscles.Their fine vessels gather macrophage cells to resist the invasion of pathogenic factors. Inhuman body, lymph nodes act as a chemical plant. In this plant, antibodies are weapons and white blood cells are soldiers, while pathogenic factors and viruses are enemies.
New Medical Enlightenment From Ancient Classics