Simulated Tests of HSK (Advanced)

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This book provides a collection of latest simulated tests of HSK (Advanced). Based on more than ten year's experiences in teaching Chinese as a foreign language and HSK tutoring, the author compiled this book including 10 sets of simulated tests, answer keys and listening scripts. These tests are similar to the real HSK tests in terms of testing difficulty, language materials, etc, suitable for learners' self-study as well as the HSK class teaching.
Featured by the "latestness", the book is compiled based on the Guideline of HSK issued by Hanban and the in-depth research of the official HSK tests. Taking the trend of HSK test in recent years into consideration, it adopts the designing principle of learning by analogy, spiral learning and improving step by step. In the selection of language materials, it pays close attention to the latest articles in newspapers or Internet.
The 8 sets of simulated tests constitute a volume, while the listening scripts and answer keys another volume. The two together are packaged in plastic cover. The accompanied MP3 is provided for free.
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Simulated Tests of HSK (Advanced)