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Traditional Opera in Beijing - The Charm of Beijing
ISBN: 7802200679 | Publisher: China Pictorial Publishing House | Published on 12/2006 | Series: The Charm of Beijing
China's Peking Opera, with its gorgeous costumes, distinctive singing style and unique choreography, has won the praise and commendation of countless...

Chinese Classical Music(2 CDs)
ISBN: 6924551490780 | Publisher: China Record Co. Guangzhou | Published on 01/1999
This is a collection of Chinese Classical Music. CD 1 includes the best-renowned work such as River, The Great Waves lashes the Sands, The blooms of...

Overview of Music Theory in English and Chinese
ISBN: 9787556603435 | Publisher: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press | Published on 06/2019

Pipa Method For Beginners
ISBN: 9787536088733 | Publisher: Flower City Publishing House | Published on 09/2019
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Chinese Folk Songs
ISBN: 9787560856179 | Publisher: Tongji University Press | Published on 12/2014
"Chinese Folk Songs (Chinese-English Edition)" is divided into folk songs of Han nationality and those of minority groups; it classifies...

Jingju Lianpu Terms in Chinese and English
ISBN: 9787503958793 | Publisher: Culture and Art Publishing House | Published on 12/2014

Learning Guqin from Zero-basis (2nd Edition) (with videos)
ISBN: 9787556600687 | Publisher: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press | Published on 10/2015

Liu Sanjie: Her Free and Undying Mountain Songs
ISBN: 9787559841032 | Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press | Published on 08/2021

Selection of Chinese Classic Songs (in Chinese and English)
ISBN: 9787559824561 | Publisher: Guangxi Normal University Press | Published on 04/2020
艺术歌曲 思乡 玫瑰三愿 踏雪寻梅 点绛唇·赋登楼 春思曲 大江东去 我住长江头 教我如何不想他 枫桥夜泊 爱人送我向日葵 多情的土地 望乡词 我爱你,中国 那就是我 思乡曲 民歌 在那遥远的地方 跑马溜溜的山上 牧歌 想亲娘 红彩妹妹 小河淌水 槐花几时开 阿拉木汗 玛依拉...

Chinese Red: Chinese Folk Opera
ISBN: 9787546135908 | Publisher: Huangshan Publishing House | Published on 05/2013 | Series: Chinese Red
Chinese folk opera is one of the three drama forms that have the longest history in the world. It still frequents the theater, delivering the unique...

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