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100 Years of Chinese Piano Music: Vol V Single Movement Works
ISBN: 9787806929940 | Publisher: Shanghai Conservatory of Music Press | Published on 01/2015 | Series: 100 Years of Chinese Piano Music
Prelude, a type of single-movement music, originally refers to an improvised overture of a major work,but developed gradually into a type of popular...

A History of Western Music (Sixth Edition)
ISBN: 9787103034088 | Publisher: Shanghai Music Publishing House | Published on 09/2010

An Introduction to Peking Opera
ISBN: 9787508546568 | Publisher: China Intercontinental Press | Published on 07/2021 | Reviews:
I entered a folk opera school when I was 10. For decades, I learned the performance art of Peking Opera through the traditional method of "oral...

Anthology of Wax Cylinder Recordings from the Late Qing (Chinese) Empire: The Berthold Laufer Collection
Publisher: Sunchime Audio Video Publishing House | Published on 04/2022

Art English teaching universities: Appreciation of the classic opera story in English
ISBN: 9787513633758 | Publisher: China Economy Publishing House | Published on 09/2014

Baroque Keyboard Performance Practice
ISBN: 9787503969010 | Publisher: Culture and Art Publishing House | Published on 04/2021

Basic Knowledge of Beijing Opera
ISBN: 9787547519967 | Publisher: Zhongxi Book Company | Published on 09/2022

Beijing Jingju 100 Stories: Synopsis Standard Version
ISBN: 9787563727209 | Publisher: Tourism Education Press | Published on 08/2013

Beijing Opera: An Inky Treasure Hunt and Coloring Book
ISBN: 9787802467989 | Publisher: China Land Press | Published on 11/2015 | Series: Coloring Book
Coloring book on Beijing Opera 

Chelney Piano Fluency Exercises No. 849
ISBN: 755961440X | Publisher: Beijing United Press | Published on 02/2018

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