Lao Zi Interpreted-Saying of Lao Zi

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Author: Cai Xiqin;
Language: Chinese-English
Format: Papercover
Page: 354
Publication Date: 08/2009
ISBN: 9787802006270
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
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With only 5000 Chinese characters, the ancient classic Tao Te Ching is a profound work of high philosophical worth, that has had a significant impact on both Chinese and Western ideology and culture. The German Philosopher Nietzsche once described it as "an inexhaustible wellspring of great treasures". Using simple language, this book explains Tao Te Ching in a way that allows readers to gain a better understanding of the essence of the book. The English translation is provided to aid foreign readers' comprehension and
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Lao Zi Interpreted-Saying of Lao Zi