Wise Men Talking Series: Yanzi Says(English-Chinese)

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Author: Cai Xiqin;
Language: English,Chinese
Page: 201
Publication Date: 01/2012
ISBN: 9787513801584
Publisher: Sinolingua Press
As the saying goes,“If an old dog barks,he gives counsel.”

Old men,who Walk more roads,eat more rice,read more books,have more experiences,enjoy more happiness,and endue more sufferings,are experienced and knowledgeable,with rich life experience.Thus,what they say is mostly wise counsel,and young people should listen to them.
We have compiled the senuggets of wisdom uttered by old men of the various ancient schoolsof thought into this series Wise Men Talking,and added explanatory notes and English translation for the benefit of both Chinese and overseas readers fond of traditional Chinese culture.
Wise Men Talking Series: Yanzi Says(English-Chinese)