Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education: Quick Vocabulary Handbook (Level 6)

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Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International ChineseLanguage Education: Quick Vocabulary Handbook, a practical vocabulary learningmanual for Chinese language learners, is compiled in strict accordance with the “List of Chinese Vocabulary” in Chinese Proficiency GradingStandards for International Chinese Language Education.

According to the “three levels and nine bands” of the Standards,Quick Vocabulary Handbook is composed of eight volumes (Levels 7 to 9 aredivided into two volumes), and this volume belongs to Level 6, which containsall the 1140 words in Level 6. With 20 words per unit, this volume seeks toturn vocabulary learning into parts and improve the efficiency of vocabularylearning, so that learners can complete one unit of vocabulary learning andpractice every day. The book organizes the words in phonetic order andillustrates and shows the words in four dimensions: pronunciation, word class,interpretation and usage. At the same time, the book focuses on the combinationof learning and practice, and after finishing one unit, learners can practiceintensively through the “Quick Practice” section with various types of practicequestions, each focusing on different aspects and complementing the others.

About the Author
Zhang Yi, doctor of literature, is anassociate professor at the College of International Cultural Exchange, CentralChina Normal University. She has long been responsible for teaching Chineselanguage in the preparatory course and junior-level course for foreign studentsstudying in China and teaching Chinese language proficiency test.

Qu Shuhao, doctor of literature, is an associate professor at the College ofInternational Cultural Exchange, Central China Normal University. She has beenteaching Chinese language for a long time in the preparatory course for foreignstudents studying in China, as well as in the junior, intermediate and advancedChinese courses, and has participated in the preparation of a number of Chinesetextbooks.

Editorial Review
The book explains words concisely and gives practicaland common phrases and example sentences to show the common usage of words andthe context in which they are used. In addition, there are a variety ofexercises to test learners’ learning effect and to consolidate their wordknowledge, so that they can practice and improve their word usage skills.

This book is suitable for Chinese language learners who meet the Level 6 of the Chinese Proficiency Grading Standards for International Chinese Language Education.

It can be used as a study book for learners tolearn Chinese vocabulary on their own and a preparation book for the HSK exam,or as a resource for teachers to teach vocabulary.
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