Business Chinese (textbook + preview book)

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Target Audience (Age):College, Adults

"Business Chinese is a core textbook forinternational students majoring in economics, trade and business-relatedmajors, and also a specialized Chinese textbook for international students tolearn Chinese and understand the workplace culture. This textbook is closelyrelated to the current development of Chinese and foreign trade and economicaffairs, chooses mobile communications and artificial intelligence companies asthe background, which are the young people nowadays most interested in, andlinks the working scenes and tasks of various departments of the company withthe job rotation of executive trainees, in order to guide students to befamiliar with the common expressions of business, to help them experience theidentity, position, role relationship and language expressions of a working professional,and to effectively cultivate international students’ communication skills ofbusiness Chinese in the process of accomplishing tasks.
The teaching materials contain a main textbook, a preview book and an accompanyinge-resource kit (available for free by scanning the QR code on the back cover orby visiting the official website of the Beijing Language and Culture UniversityPress), with a total of 15 lessons in 5 units, covering such topics aswelcoming businessmen, inspections and ordering, promotion and sales of newproducts, attending trade fairs, applying for jobs and joining the workforce,etc. The teaching resources are rich, and can be chosen by both the teachersand the students flexibly in the light of the actual situation in order toobtain the best learning effect.

About the Author
Liu Ying is a professor, postgraduatesupervisor, international doctoral co-supervisor, overseas Chinese teachertraining expert and reviewer of CSSCI Linguistics Journals. Her main researchfocuses on the construction of “Chinese + Major” specialty courses and theinternational and regional studies of Chinese language education. Professor Liuhas been engaged in international Chinese language education for more than 20years, and has organized basic Chinese language courses such as intensivereading, speaking, listening and reading for foreign students, as well asbusiness and trade Chinese language courses. She was awarded the OutstandingInstructor of the 4th National Graduate Student Chinese Teaching Micro-LectureContest, the Outstanding Graduate Student Instructor of Shandong Province, andthe Outstanding Research Achievement Award of Shandong Colleges andUniversities. She has published several academic monographs and teachingmaterials, including Research on Children’s Early Vocabulary and SyntaxAcquisition and MHK Strengthening Course (Listening) (co-author).

Cui Yifang is a full-time core teacher at the Confucius Institute of ShandongUniversity. She mainly teaches comprehensive Chinese, listening and speaking,and business Chinese to international students engaged in language andpreparatory studying in China. She had taught Chinese language overseas at theConfucius Institute of Chungnam National University (CNU) and the ConfuciusInstitute of National University of Mongolia(NUM), and has participated inthe construction of many teaching and research programs.

Editorial Review
I. This book is a specialized Chinese textbook for internationalstudents to learn business Chinese and understand workplace culture. Thistextbook aims to cultivate students’ ability to use Chinese in real businesssituations and solve practical problems, focuses on the needs of businesspeople for workplace culture, and integrates business culture and workplaceculture into the texts and exercises.

II. The selected content is workplace-oriented to ensure that theconstruction of resources comprehensively serves teaching and learning. Takingthe experience of management trainee Meng Annuo when she first entered theworkplace as a clue, this book organizes the contents in an orderly way, andguides students to understand the workplace in depth. The e-resource kit isequipped with a number of real business cases adapted from the field of tradeand commerce, which helps learners to broaden their business horizons andimprove their communication skills in business Chinese. Meanwhile, the textbookis equipped with teaching courseware carefully polished by the authorsaccording to the actual teaching practice, which can be directly used byteachers to guide students to enter the workplace in an immersive way.

III. Following theprinciple of comprehensible input, the textbook emphasizes the use of realcorpus and the creation of real scenarios. The interpretation and explanationof vocabulary and commonly used expressions employ less difficult words as muchas possible, highlight typical scenes and usage, and match them with intuitiveand vivid pictures to assist understanding. All of the texts are based on realscenarios in the field of economics and trade and are checked by businesspeople, and each lesson is equipped with simulated real tasks, so that learnerscan grow in practice.

This book is suitable for students ofbusiness Chinese and economic and trade majors, intermediate and advancedChinese language trainees and foreign business people (with Chinese languageproficiency at HSK Level 4 or above and at the elementary level of the Grading Standard Level 3 orabove, with Chinese vocabulary reaching more than 2,000 words and grammaticalpoints more than 200 words).

The book consists of 15 lessons in 5 units, with 4-8 class hours/lessonsrecommended. It is suggested that each lesson be completed in 4 to 6 classhours when adopting flippedclass model and 6 to 8 class hours when adopting traditional class model.
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