China's Space Program: A 2021 Perspective

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"To explore the vast cosmos, develop the space industry and build China into a space power is our eternal dream, " stated President Xi Jinping. The space industry is a critical element of the overall national strategy, and China upholds the principle of exploration and utilization of outer space for peaceful purposes.
Since 2016, China's space industry has made rapid and innovative progress, manifested by a steady improvement in space infrastructure, the completion and operation of the BeiDou Navigation Satellite System, the completion of the high-resolution earth observation system, steady improvement of the service ability of satellite communications and broadcasting, the conclusion of the last step of the three-step lunar exploration program ("orbit, land, and return"), the first stages in building the space station, and a smooth interplanetary voyage and landing beyond the earth-moon system by Tianwen-1, followed by the exploration of Mars. These achievements have attracted worldwide attention.
Table of Contents
Ⅰ. A New Journey Towards a Strong Space Presence
Ⅱ. Development of Space Technology and Systems
Ⅲ. Developing and Expanding Space Application Industry
Ⅳ. Research on Space Science
Ⅴ. Modernizing Space Governance
Ⅵ. International Cooperation
China's Space Program: A 2021 Perspective