China's Museums - Culture China Series (Ebook)

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Language: English
Format: 1 book
Page: 201
Publication Date: 10/2004
ISBN: 9787508506036

China has an ancient civilization with a very long history.Understanding it solely throuth the study of documents is clearly inadequate.A wealth of objects and remains has been preserved on China's vast territory and under ground much of which has been collected and is exhibited in various kinds of museums.This raw material of history can,in a ceratin sense,be considered more valuable for our under standing of the past of China than documents and historical records.

Among the fifty-seven museums selected for this book,many have been designated as key protected cultural sites by China.Some have been included in the UNESCO List of World Cultural Heritage Sites.We hope that this volume can serve vistors as a guede to under standing these museums.



Table of Contents
Foreword:Reading the History of Chinese
1 Civilization from its Museums
Natianal Treasures
Palace Museum
Taipei Palace Museum
Shanghai Museum
Shaanxi History Museum
Henan Museum
Nanjing Museum
Liaonig Provincial Museum
2 Contributions of China's National Minorities
Cultural Palace of Minorties
Shenyang Plalce Museum
Inner Mongolian Autonomous
Region Museum
Xinjiang Uinghur Autonomous
Region Museum
Tibet Museum
Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous
Region Museum
Ningxia Hui Autonomous
Region Museum
Yunnan Provincial Museum
3 Tracing the Tracks of History
4 Treasures of China's Stone Grottoes
5 Undergorund Imperial Palaces
6 Hua-xia Civilion
7 Assembly of Talents:Arts and Literature
8 Gardens and Architectural Monuments
9 Homes of Our Forebears:Archaeology
10 Marvels of Heaven and Earth:Naturlal History
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China's Museums - Culture China Series (Ebook)