A Concise Course to Linear Algebra

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The matrix is the mainline of the book. With the help of the matrix operation and the matrix simplification, we study the linear equations, the quadratic forms and the real world applications. For the purpose of the insights into the abstract theory and the methods of the linear algebra, we start to discuss the conceptions and the methods with the specific problems, then we directly extend them to the general situation without the complicated theoretical derivation. Furthermore, we try to combine the mathematical methods with the real applications in this book.
The main contents of the book are linear equations, matrix algebra, determinants, vector spaces, eigenvalues and eigenvectors,and quadratic forms, etc.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Linear Equations in Linear Algebra001
1.1Systems of Linear Equations001
1.2Row Reduction and Echelon Forms008
1.3Solutions of Linear Systems012
1.4Vector Equations014

Chapter 2 Matrix Algebra019
2.1Matrix Operations019
2.2The Inverse of a Matrix024
2.3Partitoned Matrices028
2.4Matrix Factorizations031
2.5Subspace of Rn032
2.6Dimension and Rank035

Chapter 3 Determinants040
3.1Introduction to Determinants040
3.2Properties of Determinants043
3.3Cofactor Expansion048
3.4The Inverse of a Matrix050
3.5Cramer’s Rule053

Chapter 4 Vector Spaces058
4.1Definition of Vector Spaces058
4.2Subspaces and Span062
4.3Linearly Independent Sets068
4.4Bases and Dimension071
4.5Inner Product,Length,Angle074
4.6Orthonormal Basis and the Gram-Schmidt Procedure078

Chapter 5 Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors088
5.1Definition of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors088
5.2Properties of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors092
5.3Similarity and Diagonalization096
5.4Diagonalization of Symmetric Matrices100

Chapter 6 Solution Sets of Linear Systems107
6.1Homogeneous Linear Systems107
6.2Solutions of Nonhomogeneous Systems108
6.3Applications of Linear Systems110

Chapter 7 Symmetric Matrices and Quadratic Forms117
7.1Diagonalization of Symmetric Matrices117
7.2Quadratic Forms119
7.3Quadratic Problems122
7.4The Singular Value Decomposition126
7.5Applications to Statistics129

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A Concise Course to Linear Algebra