Xinjiang of China: Its Past and Present

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Table of Contents
Introduction One—sixth of China, the Biggest Provinc 
I. Topography of"Two Basins Flanked by "ihree Mountains" 
II. Rich Natural Resources 
III. Ethnic Composition and Population 
IV. Administrative Divisions 
V. Boundary and Neighbors 
Chapter One Historical Development of the MultiEthnic Region 
I. Primitive Population Migration and Cultural Exchanges 
II. Western Regions and the Northern Regimes as well as the Central Plains Kingdoms 
III. Western Regions and the Ouigour People
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After that, the local government of Kashgar shutdown that "normal school" and forbade all schools in Xinjiang to employ graduates from it. Despite his restricted freedom in Kashgar,Kamali still secretly kept in touch with various schools. At that time, Germany was entrusted to take care of the activities of these Turkish people in Xinjiang. In March 1917, China severed diplomatic relations with Germany, these people had nobody to protect them and ... 
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Xinjiang of China: Its Past and Present