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China Panorama - Approaching Chinese (3 Books + 10 VCDs)
ISBN: 7801264169;7801264177;7801265017 | Publisher: Language and Culture Press | Published on 02/2004 | Series: China Panorama | Reviews:
Panorama - Approaching Chinese (10 VCDs and 3 Books) The most widely used books in the world! Written and Developed by Chinese Language Experts! 1)...

Experiencing Chinese Teaching Wall Charts Vol 2
ISBN: 9787040253641 | Publisher: Higher Education Publishing House | Published on 03/2010 | Series: Experiencing Chinese
Experiencing Chinese teaching wall charts are designed for enriching K-12 Chinese teaching methods, presenting many aspects of Chinese culture by...

Chinese Crash Course (3Books+5CDs+3CD-ROMs)
ISBN: 9787561918081 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 01/2008
Level Beginner   Chinese Crash Course is a series of multi-media Chinese learning materials intended for Chinese beginners whose native language...
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Chiniese Course (Software) - English Edition (With 1Book+1MP3)
ISBN: 9787894995629 | Publisher: Beijing Unitesoft Information Technology Co., Ltd. | Published on 10/2007 | Series: Chiniese Course Software
EZSINO CSE-2007 is an internet based Chinese learning system that makes the learning of Chinese language convenient and effective. The system...
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Chinese for Beginners (2CD-ROMs(+MP3) + 2CDs + 2Books + 1PACK OF CARDS)
ISBN: 9787802002272 | Publisher: Sinolingua Press | Published on 01/2007
The teaching materials, focusing on daily conversations under the background of China's real life and its long cultural history, follow the...

Easy Chinese (6 books + 6 MP3)
ISBN: 9787511706805,7511706800 | Publisher: Central Compilation and Translation Press | Published on 12/2009

Understanding China: Advanced Chinese
ISBN: 9787301242117 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 09/2014
《理解中国:高级汉语教程》为美国哥伦比亚大学系列汉语教材第三册,可以供美国来华暑期班使用。选材涉及中国人衣食住行及各种新生活观念、新社会现象,语料真实,贴近时代生活。本教材内容在美国哥伦比亚大学及其暑期班中已经过长时间试用。   Editor's Recommendation...

Experiencing China: Intermediate Chinese (with 1 CD)
ISBN: 9787301229606 | Publisher: Peking University Press | Published on 09/2013

China Panorama - Intermediate Chinese (3 Books + 13 VCDs)
ISBN: 7801264983(Book1);7801264991(Book2);7801265009(Book3) | Publisher: Language and Culture Press | Published on 01/2005 | Series: China Panorama
As the follow-up of Approaching Chinese, this program is meant for students who have learned around 1,000 basic words and primary grammar of Chinese....

Chinese Paradise 1-The Fun Way to Learn Chinese(2 Student's books,2 Workbooks & 4CD-ROM)
ISBN: 9787561921197 | Publisher: Beijing Language and Culture University Press | Published on 06/2008 | Series: Chinese Paradise Multimedia

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New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edition) Vol 1 - Textbook (with audio)
New Practical Chinese Reader (3rd Edi...
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In this section, you will find a variety of comprehensive Chinese textbooks, which aims to provide systematic guide for primary, secondary, university and self-studying learners.