Chinese for Beginners (2CD-ROMs(+MP3) + 2CDs + 2Books + 1PACK OF CARDS)

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  • Author: Sun Jun;
  • Format: 2CD-ROMs(+MP3)+2CDs+2BOOKs+1PACK OF CARDS
  • Publication Date: 01/2007
  • ISBN: 9787802002272
  • Publisher: Sinolingua Press

The teaching materials, focusing on daily conversations under the background of China's real life and its long cultural history, follow the regularity of learning language, whose contents are arranged gradually, interestingly and practically. With its fun way of learning a language, keeping pace with the time, the materials are the best choice for the beginners of Chinese learners.

These materials are published with multimedia software, integrating animated cartoons, photographs, words, sound, music and various high technologies. The convenience and efficiency, trueness and fun, and the powerful interaction will make a real Chinese teacher around you. For the reason of developing the utmost potentials in learning, these teaching materials are also suitable for self-taught learners and those who take short time training. After learning these materials, learners can obviously speak Chinese fluently and naturally and deal with different situations of living and working in China.
本教材以日常交际语言为主, 以中国的国情和悠久的文化为背景, 遵循语言学习规律,由浅入深,循序渐进,语言实用有趣,富有时代感,非常适合零起点的汉语初学者。

Chinese for Beginners

Chinese for Beginners (2CD-ROMs(+MP3) + 2CDs + 2Books + 1PACK OF CARDS)