Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2011

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"Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook -2011 '(Chinese and English), the system included the 2010 and parts of Xinjiang autonomous region, state, city and county economic and social development in areas such as statistics; important year in the provinces of Xinjiang and the main statistics , city, sort of main economic indicators, Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region Bureau of Statistics is bilingual in Chinese and English editing and publishing the full picture of the economic and social development of Xinjiang's informative annual. The book is divided into: special set (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region 2003 Economic and Social Development Statistical Bulletin); administrative divisions and natural resources; integrated; national accounts; population, employment and wages; fixed assets investment; finance, banking, insurance; price index; people's lives; agriculture; industry; construction; Transport and Telecommunications; wholesale and retail trade and catering industry; energy production and consumption; foreign economic trade and tourism; education, science and culture; sports, health and other; cities Overview; business groups and business climate index; local, state, city sort of major economic indicators; Appendix (provinces, cities, sort of main economic indicators), etc., are attached to each Pianmo "Main Statistical Indicators." This "Yearbook" published for the district leaders at all levels to understand the situation in Xinjiang, Xinjiang's economic performance control, macro-economic guidance to provide detailed, rich data. Directory of administrative divisions and population, natural resources, comprehensive national accounts, employment and wages fixed asset investment finance, banking, insurance, price index of agricultural environmental protection, living city profiles transportation construction industry, wholesale and retail trade, telecommunications and energy production and consumption of food and beverage industry foreign trade and tourism education, science and technology and culture, sports, health and other business groups around the city and the business climate index sort of major economic indicators provincial sort of major economic indicators
Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2011