Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2015

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First, the "Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2015" system included the region and around the county (city) 2014 statistics of all aspects of economic and social, as well as historically important years and the region's main statistical data in recent years, and included a national and provincial the city's main statistical data in 2013, the Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region is a fully reflect the economic and social development data annual Pi.

Second, the book is divided into: Special Report (Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region in 2014 National Economic and Social Development Statistics Bulletin); synthesis; national accounts; Population and employment; fixed asset investment; foreign economic trade and tourism; resources and environment; energy production and consumption; finance; prices; people's lives; the city before; agriculture; industry; construction; transportation and Posts; wholesale and retail, accommodation and catering; financial sector; education, science and culture; health and other; the country, state, City sort of major economic indicators; Appendix (provinces, cities and districts of major economic indicators ordering). Before there is a brief description of each chapter, endnote with "Main Statistical Indicators."

Third, the "Yearbook" sources of information, mostly from the annual report, in part from the sample survey.

Four units of measurement used in the national legal units of measurement are used.

Fifth, the "Yearbook" aggregates prices are used to calculate the current price.

Sixth, the "Yearbook" Ili Kazak Autonomous Prefecture of Ili immediate data includes counties (cities), Tacheng and Altay regions.

Seven, this "yearbook" Using Symbol Description: "#" indicates item; "..." indicates insufficient data decimal places; "Empty" means no or not master the index data.

8. This "Yearbook" by many within and outside the autonomous units and comrades support during the editing process, in this deeply grateful. Limited to our level, coupled with time constraints, inadequate, please leaders at all levels, public and statistical front of colleagues criticism.

Xinjiang Statistical Yearbook 2015