Chinese for Everyone (2 CD-ROMs + 3 CDs + 1 Book + 1 Pack of Cards)

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This textbook is compiled on the concept of "to master communicative Chinese in the shortest time possible", following the proper sequence of language study. It is very suitable for the beginners of Chinese learning.

The textbooks consist of three parts. In "Pronunciation", readers will not only be able to learn Pinyin, lay a good foundation of it, but also learn some basic practical words, which will enhance their sense of accomplishment and self-confidence, and greatly increase their interest in learning Chinese; In "Common Dialogues", all the dialogs are illustrated with interesting pictures, and are written in Pinyin instead of Chinese characters. Readers will learn 100 basic sentences while the knowledge of Pinyin will be further enhanced; In "Situational Dialogues", the sentences are the core sentence that can be expanded and combined to be used in various situate simulating real-life situations, readers will learn the pure and trendy oral Chinese dialogues.

The multimedia software accompanying the textbooks is composed of texts, voices, pictures and animated cartoons. It is user-friendly, interesting and interactive. It can be used not only on computers, but also on mobile phones, iPods, regular MP3 players and the Touch & Talk Pen, which makes it possible to learn Chinese anytime at any place.

Chinese for Everyone (2 CD-ROMs + 3 CDs + 1 Book + 1 Pack of Cards)