Suzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011

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"Suzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011" to a large number of statistics, a comprehensive, systematic reflection of 2010, Suzhou economic, technological and social aspects of development. The Yearbook includes: development results map, comprehensive, population, labor, agriculture, industry, construction, transport, post and telecommunications, trade, catering trade, foreign economic relations, international tourism, energy consumption, fixed asset investment, business surveys, financial, financial , insurance, price index, living, technology, education, culture, health, sports, civil, judicial and other, urban construction, environmental protection, and other 20 cities in the part. The yearbook series into the statistical data for 2010 was mainly indicators also lists the major historical years since the founding of the statistics. The Yearbook of the symbols: "" lack of information in this table that the minimum number of units; "space" indicates that the statistical information is available; "" indicates no such statistics; "#" indicates the number. "Suzhou Statistical Yearbook," has been openly published by the concerns of the community and support, many readers of the Yearbook of the content and editorial work made ​​many valuable suggestions, which we very much appreciated. Readers are welcome to continue to the inadequacies of the Yearbook of criticism and help us further improve editorial standards.
Suzhou Statistical Yearbook 2011