Tea Culture Series: Know Tea, Know Life

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Table of Contents
Chapter Ⅰ The Origin and Spread of Teas
Section 1 Looking for the Origin of Tea Plants
Ⅰ. Initiation of tea plants
Ⅱ. The origin of tea plants
Section 2 How Does Tea Spread from Its Origin to the Rest of the World
Ⅰ. From its origin to other parts of China
Ⅱ. From China to the rest of the world
Section 3 Chinese Tea in Ancient Classics and Literature
Ⅰ. Historical records about tea
Ⅱ. Literature about tea
Ⅲ. Poetry about tea
Chapter Ⅱ Where to Find Premium Teas in China
Section 1 Teas on the Map of China
Ⅰ. Tea area in Southwest China
Ⅱ. Tea area in South China
Ⅲ. Tea area in South of Yangtze River
Ⅳ. Tea area in North of Yangtze River
Section 2 Essence of Teas
Ⅰ. Examples of quality green teas
Ⅱ. Examples of honored black teas
Ⅲ. Examples of revered oolong teas
Ⅳ. Examples of esteemed white teas
Ⅴ. Examples of prominent dark teas
Ⅵ. Examples of well-known yellow teas
Ⅶ. Scented tea
Chapter Ⅲ The Universe in a Cup of Tea
Section 1 Sensory Properties of Chinese Teas
Ⅰ. Colors of teas
Ⅱ. Aromas of teas
Ⅲ. Tastes of teas
Ⅳ. Appearences of teas
Section 2 Teas, a Daily Must-have to Keep Fit
Ⅰ. Healthy benefits of teas in the historical Chinese medicinal classics
Ⅱ. The healthy benefits proved by modern science
Chapter Ⅳ Tea Customs
Section 1 Tea Customs in China
Ⅰ. Chaozhou Gongfu tea
Ⅱ. The long-spout-pot tea ceremony
Ⅲ. The "Qingdoucha" customs
Ⅳ. The "Three-course tea" custom
Ⅴ. The Mongolian milk tea
Ⅵ. The "Leicha" custom
Ⅶ. The "Dayoucha" custom
Section 2 New Trend in Tea Beverages
Ⅰ. Ready-to-drink canned tea
Ⅱ. Instant tea
Ⅲ. Order-to-go
Chapter Ⅴ Ways to Cook, Brew and Store Chinese Teas
Section 1 Tea Utensils
Ⅰ. The past and present of "china
Ⅱ. Evolution from ancient pottery to purple clay pottery
Ⅲ. A great tea needs quality teawares
Section 2 Water for Teas
Ⅰ. How that water is valued in history
Ⅱ. Proper selection of water for teas
Section 3 Ways to Have a Nice Brew
Ⅰ. Zhucha
Ⅱ. Diancha
Ⅲ. Cuopao
Ⅳ. Blended tea
Section 4 Storage of Teas
Ⅰ. Why tea spoils
Ⅱ. How to store teas
Chapter Ⅵ Status Quo and Future of Tea Science
Section 1 The Science of Tea
Ⅰ. The history of tea studies
Ⅱ. Progress in tea science
Section 2 The Future of Tea Science
Ⅰ. New special varieties
Ⅱ. Functional teas
Ⅲ. Innovative application of teas
Ⅳ. Tea and artificial intelligence
Ⅴ. The combination of tea culture and our health
Section 3 The Benefits of Tea to Society Development
Ⅰ. Economic benefits of tea
Ⅱ. The benefits for people's health
Ⅲ. The global cooperation
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Tea Culture Series: Know Tea, Know Life