Sharing the Beauty of China: Peking Opera

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Language: English
Page: 152
Publication Date: 08/2018
ISBN: 9787508540191
Seeing a Peking Opera performance for the first time, a foreigner would wonder: why are faces of actors painted red, white, black, yellow or green? Are they masks? But masks are separate from the face. Facial make-ups in Peking Opera are different from masks. Intrigued, many foreign tourists would go backstage to see actors and actresses remove stage makeup and costume. Next time, they would go there before a performance starts to see how performers do their makeup. Luciano Pararotti, the great tenor of international fame, once had a Peking Opera actor paint on his face the makeup of Xiang Yu, a valiant ancient warrior portrayed in numerous Peking Opera plays.

About Author

Xu Chengbei, researcher in Chinese Art Academy, Member of Chinese Writer’s Association. The peking opera play Wu Zetian that he wrote for the well-know contemporary opera actress Li Shji won the 1st Wen Hua Award. Profound research in the field of Peking Opera Culture and Beijing city culture. He has published more than 60 works including: Peking Opera and Chinese Culture, Old Beijing Trilogy, Mei Lanfang Trilogy, Old Well-known Brands.

Table of Contents
The Birth and Evolution of Peking Opera
Anhui Troupes Moved into Beijing
The Art of Listening, Old-Style Theaters
Old Beijing in Peking Opera’s Heyday
Theatrical Companies and Old-Style Opera Schools
Theaters, Temple Fairs and Tanghui
The Stage, Props and Orchestra
A Table and Two Chairs
Wen Wu Chang
Performing Art
Four Roles of Sheng, Dan, Jing and Chou
Singing, Dancing and Acting Skills
“Realms” of Acting
Performers and Performing Schools
Nan Dan, or Men Playing Female Roles
Generations of Famous Actors
Mei Lanfang, Famous Dan Impersonator
Classic Plays
Modern Peking Operas
Conventions of Peking Opera
It is Not Easy to Appreciate Peking Opera
Peking Opera in the Contemporary Era
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Sharing the Beauty of China: Peking Opera