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I can speak Chinese II
ISBN: 9787313161543 | Published on 11/2016 | Series: I can speak Chinese

Confucian Temples South of the Tangtze
ISBN: 7313063709, 9787313063700 | Published on 06/2010 | Series: Architectural Culture South of the Yangtze
About Author 张亚祥,Born in 1965, Mr. ZHANG Ya xiang graduated from Shandong Institute of Architecture and Engineering in1988 and got a bachelor's...

Canal Towns South of the Yangtze
ISBN: 9787313058188 | Published on 08/2009
This book is about the past and present reality of the region south of the Yangtze, and it presents the poetic truth of the "river folk"...

Chinese in Real Life Book III
ISBN: 9787313199058 | Published on 09/2018 | Series: Chinese in Real Life

Collected Works of J. R. Martin Volume 8 Forensic Linguistics
ISBN: 7313077602, 9787313077608 | Published on 04/2012 | Series: Collected Works of J. R. Martin

World Expo 2010 Shanghai China
ISBN: 9787313060440 | Published on 03/2010
With concise language, clear categories, and abundant pictures and illustrations, this book introduces the World Expo 2010 Shanghai to worldwide...

English-Chinese and Chinese-English Dictionary of Law (2nd Edition)
ISBN: 7313028911,9787313028914 | Published on 02/2011
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Memory of Shanghai
ISBN: 9787313056320,731305632X | Published on 07/2010
Using both pictures and words, this book demonstrates the development history of the Shanghai city and its people and culture with vivid images....

ISBN: 9787313102287 | Published on 08/2013
Editor's Recommendation...

I can speak Chinese I
ISBN: 9787313161451 | Published on 11/2016 | Series: I can speak Chinese

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