I can speak Chinese II

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Table of Contents
Slow and Fast
Hundred and Thousand
It's a Secret
How Do You Like This
It's Just So-so
How About Your Weekend
It's Cold
Go Home
Let's Have a Meeting
When I Was Young
Wear My Cloth
How Long Is It
How Old Are You
It's Far from Here
How Tall You Are
Long Time No See
Let's Start Our Lesson

Because... So...
Please Wait a Moment
Let's Play Tennis
I Like Riding Bicycle
I Have Been There
I Forgot Your Name
Do Not Be Sick
He Is Answering the Phone
How Are You Recently
I Do Not Know It Before
I Am Taller than Her
Let Me Introduce
It May Rain Today
I Can Speak Chinese
My Birthday Is Coming Soon
It's Very Interesting
They Are Good to Me
I Like Sports

How Many Altogether
It's So Quite Here
Please Wait a Moment
It's Time to Get up
We Are the Same
It Seems
I Finished Eating My Breakfast
She Is Both Pretty and Smart
The Spring Is Coming
Sorry, I'm Late Again
This Is My First Trip
Just Now I Was Not in the Office
Are You Satisfied With It
Where Shall We Meet
Let's Review First
Singing and Dancing
A Bowl of Rice, Please
I Prefer This One
I can speak Chinese II