I can speak Chinese 3

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Table of Contents
E701 Please Do Me a Favor
E702 Brush Your Teeth
E703 It's So Easy
E704 Can I Have a Try
E705 What Time Do You Get up
E706 It Is About 600 RMB
E707 He Is Extremely Sad
E708 I Decided What to Eat
E709 I Arn Coming Soon
E710 What Do You Want to Order
E711 She Is Younger Than Me
E712 If You Are Still Young
E713 I Have Only Been There Once
E714 Become Better and Better
E715 Who Are You Afraid of
E716 I'm Interested in Clunese
E717 Thank for Your Help
E718 We've Finally Got to There
E801 I'm Quite Busy Recently
E802 What Should I Do
E803 The Quality Is Quite Good
E804 Let's Go Another Day
E805 You Can Go Today or Tomorrow
E806 It's Especially Good
E807 Besides Him, I Like Beer Also
E808 I Have to Work Tomorrow
E809 Why Did You Come So Late
E810 Could You Help Me to Fix It
E811 Let's Call the Delivery
E812 I Believe That Is a Good Chance
E813 I Do Not Like to Work Over Time
E814 She Always Buys This
E815 Almost All ofUs Are Chinese
E816 Could You Show Me the Shoes
E817 He Is Standing There
E818 Put on the Table
E901 I Have Drunk the Juice
E902 Your Choice Is Correct
E903 What Do You Intend to Do Today
E904 I Have Got the Air Ticket
E905 Let Me Think It Over
E906 What's the Matter
E907 He Is Singing Happily
E908 I Am Full
E909 In Fact,I'm from China
E910 The Problem Was Solved
E911 Which Season Do You Like
E912 I Like to Stay Here
E913 Did You Still Remember Me
E914 I Also Think So
E915 I Don't Dare to Eat It
E916 She Had a Big Influence on Me
E917 Do They Agree
E918 I Want to……
I can speak Chinese 3