I can speak Chinese I

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Author: Song Yan;
Format: 24 x 17 x 1.5 cm
Page: 319
Publication Date: 11/2016
ISBN: 9787313161451
Publisher: Shanghai Jiaotong University Press
Series: I can speak Chinese
Table of Contents
The Chinese Phonetics
The Pronouns
Good Morning
YES or NO Question
I'm Maggie
I'm Busy
We're All Happy
I Like Milk
I Like Chinese Tea
Do You Eat Breakfast
Watch Movie
Listen to the Music
This and That
I Have a Little Milk
IWant to...

What's Your Name
I Want ...
What Is Your Family Name
This One or That One
I'm at Home
I Come from China
I'm Here
My Job
Where Is the Airport
The Position
Which One
Can You Help Me
Please Come in
How Much Is It
Cheaper, Please

These and Those
This Year
This Week
What Time Is It Now
I'm on the 2nd Floor
What Time Is It Now
How Many People Are There in Your Family
I Love You
Who Are You Looking for
Female and Male
Hello, Everyone
Make a Phone Call
You and Me
Let's Go
I Have Known It Already
Slow and Fast
How Can I Do It
Go Straight, Please
I can speak Chinese I